Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Staying in cocuere W/ Elder Cisternas

Hola familia!

Today were all going to Asuncion as a zone to go bowling! So I have like 30min. haha but its all good. I don't know if you remember when I was in my training we went bowling in asuncion and it was super sick so I talked to my zone leaders and helped them plan it out and looks like we all get to go again! It should be super sweet. haha your probably thinking it's wierd that were all this stoked just to go bowling but from what I know this is the only legit bowling alley in all of Paraguay haha so its a pretty big deal;) 

But for changes!.................. My comp Elder carrillo ended up getting shipped out to luque and I'm staying here in cocuere.  But..... there is a little twist. in the other area Elder rada got shipped out too so I'm going to be with his comp Elder Cisternas and we're going to be in charge of both of the areas! Both the areas are huge and I still don't  know how it's all going to work but it will all work out in the end because it always does! haha, Mann two elders in charge of a whole rama, this should be fun! My district got a little mixed up too, I'm still district leader but now there only hermana missionarys in my district. Its going to be pretty wierd switching from pure elders to pure hermanas, but I'm sure it will be good. I was afraid to get changes because it means that I would have to pack all my bags.... I was stoked to hear I was staying so I didn't have to pack but we ended up changing to the other elders house which meant packing:/ ha but this change looks like it's going to be a good one, Elder cisternas is my first argintine comp but my 4th latin in a row, he is a pretty chill dude and I think things are going to be super rad here this change. 

Sorry i dont have a ton of time but i wanted to share a couple of the people we are working with right now. we just found a sick familia of 4 the moms name is lionia and they look super promising. the husband goes to church EVERY sunday at another church, but thats super super wierd to see here in paraguay that someone is that devoted to church, so we´ll see how that goes. In this rama there are tons of menos activos so ive been working with some different familias trying to get them back in church. some are familia Lopez, Familia Martinez, Familia Gonzalez and the familia Coronel. Things are going good here, lots of work to do and im for sure gonna be really busy this change which is awesome. anyway love you guys tons! and hope this week is a good one!

Elder Nyberg

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Priesthood at work...

Hola familia!
 This week was super rad, working a ton and having fun! This week I did a division with Elder Walters and we had a pretty cool day and a cool expierence I'm gonna share. I can't believe that school is almost starting back home! so crazy. But I have changes tomorrow! so we´ll see if I get shipped out to the chaco again or if I stay! Changes are always fun and I always have those butterflys in my stomach the day before.... but I will finally find out tomorrow so we´ll see! 

Okay so the division with Elder Walters. He is a super rad missionary such a hard worker, he's from idaho tho and just loveeeees it when I bug about their potatos haha;) But we had a legit division, by the end of the day we found two complete new familias to teach! But in the middle of the day we got a random phone call from some menos activo to run over there and give a blessing to her mom that was really sick, she just turned 83 years old. We got there and the whole family was there, but only a couple were miembros. So we taught a bit about the priesthood and authority, and just how a blessing works and stuff like that. We gave the blessing and the spirit was really cool, it was like really nice and peaceful vibe. In the blessing just going by the spirit we blessed her just to be ready to go see her father in heaven again and that she could have a peaceful heart when she leaves this world. The family was all crying and thanked us a ton for coming. Early the next day when i was back in my area, i got a call from Elder Walters saying that she had passed away that night and that the funeral was today. It was kinda sad but it was cool to know that was her time to go back to see her father in heaven. In these kinds of times im really greatful to know that familys can be together forever, because there are sooo many people in this world that dont have that knowledge. 

Sorry i dont have  that much more time but love you guys! y siempre recuerdan que las familias son eternas. les amo mucho!

Elder Nyberg