Sunday, December 13, 2015

Storm & investigators

hola familia!

this week has been a fun one, the weather is still super hot and humid but it's been fun. Me and my comp are going to travel to Luqué today so this might be a little one but I wanted to share a couple cool things that happened this week. 

So this week we had a night where a big storm passed by with tons of wind and destroyed a lot of the houses down here. Mostly everything when it comes to building and houses and stuff here are super sketchy with the things they use to build them so the storm really took its toll. We were left without light and water for a bit too but now we're all good. It really is pretty cool down here in south america, every day is another adventure for sure. i love it. 

So this week has been full of more finding new people and really trying to share the gospel with EVERYONE. Of course along with that we had our fair share of rejections and people yelling at us to leave. i don't know why but it's usually always the super catholic old grandmas that reject us the hardest. But with all the hard rejections we had one it really made everything worth it when we found a super sweet investigador! The moms name is Loura and her little daughters name is Micka who is 9. It was super cool actually how we found them, we were passing by one day on their street and we contacted the house next door to them just like any other normal contact and a lady came out that turned out to be a jehovah's witness and she rejected us pretty hard, told us never to come back but little Micka was playing with the lady's kids in her yard and just after the lady rejected us and went back inside we were about to leave when Micka was like ¨Wait! are you guys the mormons?¨ we told her we were haha and she said that she seen people like us in her grandma's church before. She also told us we could visit her someday and that they lived next door, so I gave her a little picture of Jesus and we left to go try her house next door, but no one was home. So a couple days later we passed by and we met Micka and her mom Loura and they turned out to be super prepared! After the first lesson we came back and Loura not only read the whole entire pamphlet but she prayed about it too! (okay in paraguay that usually never ever ever happens haha) once she told me about her prayer and how she felt that God had given her an answer, it was like perfect! just goes to show there are always people that God prepares for us to find and really puts them in our path. But it's always up to us to open our mouths to find them, can you imagine what would have happened if we never opened our mouths to talk to the Jehovah's witness lady that rejected us super hard? We would have never have met little Micka and her and her mom would probably still be waiting today to find the happiness that we find in the restored gospel. So the challenge of the last email still stands, get out this week and share the gospel with someone thats not a member, it might be scary or alkward but just go for it. Try it. I promise you that God prepares people and puts them in our paths to find, but its all up to us to open our mouths. 

Elder Nyberg

Studys when the storm came and knocked out the electricity

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