Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 12, 2016

Hola familia!

Well this week was a pretty crazy one that's for sure. It was transfer week and again being in charge of moving around 200+ missionaries is not the easiest task. I really do like being here in Asuncion though with the other elders that work with me, somehow we always find ways to make it fun with as much work there is to do around here. As you might remember, this week was much like the last months transfers. A week full of deadlines, no-sleep, airport trips and planning trips for lots of taxis and collectivo buses haha.  But lets see if i can remember some of the highlights.

I think first off, this week i got surprised by a phone call when i was waiting at the airport to pick up the new missionaries. It was Lisandro from Cocuere and it was super cool to be able to talk with him again! I think the coolest part was when he called he was super excited to tell me he just got ordained to be an Elder and have the Melchizedek Priesthood. He told me he is planning on leaving the day he hits one year of being a member for a mission. September 26th will be a year from his baptism and he is beyond pumped to get out to the mission field. You bet that just about made my whole entire week haha i can't even describe what it feels like to have heard those words from him. 

I don't know if you guys remember the familia Monzón from cocuere, But they are one of the most solid member families in this world. The dad is the 1st counselor to President Mcmullin for our mission. His son is in our mission too and the whole family are just some of the coolest people. Anyway since i've left Cocuere, Presidente Monzón had a couple heart attacks and he is not doing so good. He was hooked up to oxygen and has lost tons of weight from having heart problems. This week he was getting ready to have heart surgery and since his hospital is in my area a member here went to take us to say hi and hopefully cheer him up a bit. Man i wish you guys could be here to just meet this guy, He is such a stud of a guy and has been a perfect example for me. We got to visit the hospital and when we got there his room was packed full of people, like tons of some of the first members of the church ever here in Paraguay. It was so cool to be all around them, but what really surprised me is he chose me to give him a blessing. It was a really special experience for sure. Man i wish you guys were here, someday you'll have to come meet some of these people down here and get to know them like i do. I love paraguay so much.

Thanks for all the emails, Love you guys so much! have a great week!

Elder Nyberg

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