Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week Two!

Hola Familia! 

Okay I'm gonna give you a run down on everydaywell at least I'm gonna try- haha 

Thursday (day 8)
Today was my first P-day in the CCM so it was really cool! You know I thought today was going to be super relaxed like do whatever you want kind of day... but we had a lot of stuff to do! Missions are hard work that’s for sure. I guess it’s a good thing-haha. But I’m doing something productive 24/7. Today I went to a session in the Buenos Aries temple IN SPANISH. It was so hard to understand-haha… like I barley got any of it but I did feel really cool the whole time we were there and walking around on the temple grounds. I am continuing to learn Spanish at a crazy accelerated rate. My compañero and me are killin it in the lessons! Life is good man, life is good! The food is still like heaven-haha. It’s like my favorite part of the day.

Friday (day 9)
Today was a good day! You know it’s a good day when you get done at the end of the day and your barely awake from working so hard during the day. I am really focused on my studies, especially Spanish. I take every moment that I have to practice and get better. To tell you the truth, I kind of really like working this hard everyday because at the end I always feel a sense of accomplishment in the things I’ve done and learned during the day. Today during class in our district we were all talking about our companions and how we are exactly what each of us needs. It was really cool to see everyone and how their companion complements them perfectly. My companion and me don’t have a ton in common but we’re best of friends and when it comes to the gospel and teaching I swear we’re like the exact same person. We work so well together.

Saturday (day 10)
I had a really hard time this morning. We have many hours to study the language and I work my butt off everyday to know the language. During teaching our investigator my compañero understood most the whole conversation while I was just chillin there not understanding anything. I know how to speak a ton of words and I’ve memorized so much everyday but it’s hard to teach when you can’t understand them! I think I might be a little hard on myself but I was so mad at myself! It bugs me sooo bad sometimes! I know I just need to work harder and understand people sooner or later. We taught another investigator tonight and I realized something I’m really good at… even though I’m not the best at the language I can read a person really well and I always save my companero when it goes a little awkward or if the investigator needs a laugh to lighten up the mood.

Sunday (day 11)
Today was my second Sunday here and I still haven’t had to give a talk-haha. These days are flying by! It feels like last Sunday was just yesterday. There’s no way it has been a whole week! This week is going to be hard for me because the Latinos are all leaving because they are only here for 12 days. I’m really going to miss the ones in my room especially Elder Paternina. He speaks barley any English but somehow we have become best of friends. I straight up love this kid! He has helped me progress in my Spanish soooo much! He calls me his bebé hahaha. But really if it wasn’t for our late night conversations my Spanish wouldn’t be close to as good as it is now. Even though I still am terrible I’m progressing!

Monday (day Twayllllve)
Today has been like any other ordinary day here at the CCM. Wake up, breakfast, class, lunch, more class, dinner and more class-haha. We had some really cool stuff go down today. Everyone always comes into our room after dinner to chill and most the Latinos too. We were sitting in a circle just chillin around the room laughing so much and making a ton of jokes. Then somehow it turned into a testimony meeting kind of but we could only speak in our other language and we couldn’t say the word UM at all - haha. We all bore our testimonies in Spanish and they did it in English. It was the most funny/spiritual moment in my whole life -hahaha I’m gonna miss my Latins soo much.

Tuesday (day 13)
Today was kind of a sad day. We said goodbye to all the Latinos. Nothing much else happened-haha just another ordinary day at the CCM! Oh, actually we got to take a ton of pictures and I have a bunch but they take forever to send so ill do my best to send some.

Wednesday (day 14)
Today was really good. I am really happy about the work I put in today on progressing the language. I thought I should talk about my teachers here because they’re apart of most of every day I am here. In the morning we have Hermana Juarez. She is super nice and a really good teacher. Like she reminds me of like a kindergarten teacher or something because of how she cares for each and every one of us in class. She is from Argentina but served her mission in the London England mission. Her English is really good but it can sound really funny because it has a Latino sound with a little British accent in there too-hahah. Our teacher at night is Hermano Cristeche. He is super rad. we all call him the master teacher because when it comes to teaching the gospel he knows exactly what to say and when to say it, EVERYTIME. He has this like really calm vibe about him that reminds me so much of dad but he knows soo much too. He’s going to college right now to be a material engineer. Yeah, so basically he’s a Spanish version of dad-haha. This Saturday we get to go into the city for 5 hours and I couldn’t be more stoked! We just got a new batch of Latinos so it should be fun to get to know them.

I love and miss you all so much!
I’m loving it out here and I am killin it every day!
Elder Midsize(Nyberg)

From left to right:
Elder Paul, Elder Valdez, Elder Oliver, Elder Paternina, Elder Gebs, Me, Elder Gunnell.

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