Friday, October 3, 2014

Spanish Class, Spanish Class and Some Highlights of the week

Not much is goin on here besides spanish class, spanish class, and more spanish class so I'm just gonna give you some of the highlights of my week...

On Friday, during our physical activity time we got to play soccer with the new Latinos that got here.  All I can say is holyyy Crappp they are insane! There’s this one that always wears a Messi jersey and he was so crazy.  They can do so many cool moves with their feet!  And they kick the ball sooo hard, so if you are ever playing as one of the goalies you have to like fear for your life when they try to score and hope it doesn't peg you in you know where -hahaha. One elder already had that happen to him and he was on the ground for a solid 10 minutes almost crying –haha. Yeah, so fútbol is like my new favorite thing. I scored 2 goals today! I have no idea how -ha it was mostly luck but it was awesome!  And we all do the goal celebrations after every goal; man it's so much fun. I love South America. I can’t wait to get out to Paraguay! I can’t believe I only get 2 years to do this! Anyway life is good!

On Saturday, Today would have been just like any other normal Saturday at the CCM except we got to go proselyting for 5 HOURS!! I’ve been here 17 days and my Spanish is terrible and they let us go out as actual missionaries! As we were getting ready to leave, they gave us our areas and stuff and me and my companion were so ready and confident to get out there and teach! We hopped on the bus that would take us about 30 minutes away to some really nice neighborhoods (well nice for Argentina standards). On the ride over there we were all getting pretty nervous and it didn't help that the traffic here is INSANE! I thought driving in New York City was bad.... hahah every car down here has at least a couple of good dents in them. It’s like everyone is playing bumper cars but in real life! Anyway, we got there and he just dropped us off and said be back in this spot in 5 hours to be picked up. It took us a couple of minutes to look at some street signs and figure out where our area was, then we just picked a direction and started walking! It surprised me so much how people would just walk right past us when we said, “Hola” or “Como esta” Like you´d think everyone would want to stop and talk to every blonde haired, blue eyed, dashingly handsome American that they see, but it sure didn´t seem like it! Then we arrived just in time for their siesta where EVERYONE goes inside and all the stores close down so there was next to no one outside.  We could always go house to house but there were giant metal gates in front of every house and if we got past those people would just be all grumpy because we woke them up –haha. So we just stuck to finding people on the street. About half way in to our 5 hours we met this kid named Tomás Seri who was 16 just walking on the sidewalk. So we ask him if he has a little time so we can share a short message with him and we were surprised when he actually said yes! So we start to try to introduce the Book of Mormon and it takes us 5 minutes in Spanish just to talk about the book because we are fumbling to find words and just completely struggling with the language. He’s been talking back in Spanish this whole time then suddenly he looks at us and says "Its okay guys I’ve been studying English for the past 9 years, you can just talk in English." LIKE SERIOUSLY BRO!?!? You could have said that 5 minutes ago -hahaha and it was like perfect English too! He said his mom travels all over to the U.S. for work so they speak it a ton. But anyway we asked him about school and he told us history is his favorite subject and he loves reading about it. So Boom, we go right into the history of the Book of Mormon. He seemed kinda interested about it, then we started talking about God and he says his family is not that religious but he believes there is a God and in the bible. We finish teaching the restoration and we could tell he kinda wants to get on his way so after giving him a Book of Mormon and ending with a prayer (which was cool, cuz I taught him how to pray.) We asked him where he was off too and he said that he was just coming back from visiting his grandma because his grandpa had just died and him and his brothers took turns visiting her. Mid way though that sentence I had a plan of salvation pamphlet in my hand and Boom, went right to work -haha.  But I asked him if he believed in a life after death and I will never in my whole life forget this kids face as he said, "I wish I knew, I really want to believe in one." He was just so sincere and went on to say life doesn’t make sense to live a whole life and just have it end for nothing. I bore my testimony to this kid and the spirit was so strong, I know for a fact that we will live again with our Heavenly Father. If you think about it, it’s all because of K.J. I know this. I’m so grateful for the experiences and trials I have been through, even though some have been hard, I have gained a true testimony through them and I wouldn’t have been able to teach this kid the way that I did if it wasn’t for my trials and experiences. By the end of my testimony Tomás was listening with such real intent it was awesome. Such a rad moment. I could feel the spirit so strong backing me up -ahhh I loved every second of it. But he gave us his number and address and stuff and the missionaries in that area are going to come back and start teaching him! Missionary work seriously makes me so happy. After talking to Tomás we talked to a couple other people and before we knew it our 5 hours were already up! We got rejected pretty hard sometimes throughout the day and each time people would tell us to leave or they don’t want to talk to us and it would just crush me a little bit every time. If these people could only know what they are missing out on and how happy this gospel could make them! Anyway today was great. Missions are really hard work. My body is so sore –haha. we didn’t stop to take a break once in all of today -haha we were just a little tired afterwards;)

Sunday, Tonight we listened to some people bare their testimony and mine was strengthened just by listening to some of these strong missionaries. It’s really cool because we strengthen and help out each other to become better. I had a really good day and the food was legit as always –haha. but I did want to share one quote with all of you "doubt your doubts" I know Satan tempts us all the time, especially in the world we live in today.  He tempted me many times before I left on my mission, which caused me to have many doubts, which is soo dumb! Don’t let Satan question what you know to be true. Stand tall and strong for what you believe in and what you know. “Doubt your doubts”.

I love you all so much and miss you all everyday
I am having the best time out here, loving every second of it

Elder Midsize (Nyberg)

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