Saturday, October 18, 2014

Last Week In CCM

Hola Familia!

This week was a really good one and I hope you all had an awesome week too! I’m just going to go into some highlights throughout the week!

Thursday was p day and it was by far the funniest day of my whole entire mission so far! We usually get to go to the temple on p days that takes up most of our day but since its closed we got an extra 4 hours to play soccer and do whatever we want!  First of all today we got 21 new North Americans and 43 new Latinos! So it was super fun meeting everyone and we got 4 new Latinos in our room. One is even from Paraguay and he tells us tons of stories all about Paraguay its so legit.  Also, I met my second cousin Elder Evans.
The funniest part by far this week was; it’s been raining a ton all day and since we couldn't play soccer on the cement with the goals we started a game on the grass with shoes as goals.  It started raining like full out pouring and then the new missionaries joined in and the grass/dirt started to turn to straight mud.  It was soooo much fun! We played for like 4 hours straight!  We would be running and slide tackling like 10 feet every time we slid.  And the ground was super slippery so people were falling and slipping all the time.  Ah man, it was so funny! Once we scored a goal we would all do penguin slides through someone’s legs -haha or some other goal celebrations. Man, I love South America. life is good!

Saturday we got to go proselyting!  So first off there’s this one kid in my district who slipped and hurt his head, so my companion and me got stuck with another missionary in a trio for the whole time -hahaha that was........... Different.  It was really weird because my comp and me work super well together and compliment each other when we teach then we had this other missionary just going in at random times and really mixing it up.  He is one of those guys that is super excited to speak and always tries to talk as much as possible but doesn't think about where he is going with anything -hahah he just spits out whatever he is thinking.  The best part is right after he would say his random thoughts he would look at me to save him and explain everything -hahah lets just say I got lots of practice at adapting to a TON of different things -haha.  Something really good from having an extra person was we got to have more than usual book of Mormons and material to hand out! It was a really good day. We all worked really hard and compared to our last time out proselyting we tripled our numbers. My favorite investigator that I talked to for the longest time was Juan.  I don't know how or why but we always luck out and find people who speak really good English and Juan was one of those people -haha. He was 20 years old and kinda short like everyone else here –ha. He told me I look like I am 21 and my comp. looks 25!  Anyway, when we started talking to Juan he told us he didn't believe in a God.  He straight up said I only believe in science, I won’t believe something until I see it.  I had a really good conversation kinda like an Alma/Korihor thing goin on and it was sooo legit.  Mixed in some killer testimonies and the conversation was going really good.  Juan was a little stubborn so he would try to throw questions at us that he thought we would have no answer to. It’s crazy to think about all the answers and knowledge that comes from the gospel that I’ve had and just grown up with all my life.  There are so many people in this world who don't have that knowledge and have to just figure out life without it. Anyway, I was answering his questions just as fast as he could come up with another one to try and stump me.  In the end, He was kinda stubborn so he wouldn't take a book of Mormon or anything but we gave his friend one and a couple of pamphlets too.  I could tell Juan was really interested and learned a ton even though he shut me down in the end.  I did my best and even though he didn't accept everything, I definitely planted a seed for his faith to grow.  It might not be today, tomorrow or even in the next couple years but at sometime I really feel like his faith will begin to grow and he might even start to read the Book of Mormon we gave to his friend. 
Being in a place where barley any people know about the gospel and the knowledge and blessings it brings is really an eye opener for me.  Can you imagine not having any knowledge of the gospel and trying to figure out your way and purpose in this life?  I still can’t even grasp how lucky I am to have been born into the fullness of the gospel and all the blessings that come from it!

I found a fun fact kinda thing I wanted to share!  I learned for missionary’s in the Buenos Aires mission down here they get 1000 pesos a month to live off of which is like 120 bucks in US money.  I just checked my account balance for the month and I get $66.24 dollars to live off of for a whole month in Paraguay -haha, which transfers to 300,800 Guaraní. That kind of puts perspective on how bad their money is down here and how crazy cheap everything is!

Anyway, I hope you all are having an awesome time back home!
This is my last email before I’m shipped off to Paraguay so wish me luck!
I love and miss you all.

Elder Midsize(Nyberg)

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