Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Golden Investigator

¡hola familia! 

Hope you all are doing good back home! I am lovin it out here and learning so much every day that passes by. I don't have tons of time so I'm just going to write about a couple expierences that I had this week.

Remember the golden investagator that was supposed to go to Argentina last week? well we dont know what happened but she is still here in paraguay at her parents house!.... for now though we have no clue when she is leaving. So we went back to have a lesson with her parents this week and we found her there with her parents. So we first walked up and clapped the house and this old guy(claudias dad) came and answered.  We just did the usual and asked him how he and the family was and he said things were not that good and he wasnt good either but didnt say why, so we knew that things were kinda feeling wierd. The dad doesnt talk to us so he left and we were waiting a sec for claudia or her mom, when we were waiting we could just feel like something bad was going on.  Then claudia and her mom came out, we got all talking and at first claudia didnt tell us what was wrong but her and her mom trust us alot and they said today was the birthday of her brother that died really young as a baby.  So we started talking about life after death and read a bit about it in D&C and shared some personal expierences too and all of it was just such a cool expierence. We could tell that they were still really sad though and after expressing love for them and showing the desire that we truly wanted to help they told us about her other brother that has really gone off the deep end with alcohol, girls and smoking and just all these things. I guess he just returned from some place recently and he has completely changed for the worse.  It was cool to see how much claudia and her mom care for this brother because they were truely sad about his new bad habbits.  Anyway lots of stuff went down and its crazy how much the missionarys actually do out here and how much they trust us. Two little misssionarys (us haha) are now counciling a whole family to deal with these problems and are going back soon to have another lesson with the whole family including the brother together. The coolest part of the lesson though was when we asked if there was anything else that we could do for them, anything at all, and claudias only answer was to pray for them, so she asked me if I could say the prayer. I really can't even remember what I said in the prayer but the spirit was so strong you could just feel it surrounding us. By the end of the prayer Claudia and her mom were both completely crying and they each got up and individually thanked me for the prayer and my comp for all of our help. It was just a super cool expierence.

Okay I'm gonna type really fast cuz I want to share another cool little expierence that happened this week too. ahh man I wish I could just sit here and type all day to write all the cool things that happen out here but this little expierence will have to do haha. 

So there is this guy named Hernan and we taught him a little bit just the intro of the restoration and gave him a BOM like almost a month ago. Since then he read a bit and was super against the BOM, had tons and tons of doubts and after trying to resolve some of his doubts he didnt want to talk to us anymore. Since then we have always stopped by just to say hi and see how he is doing but thats it.  This night was like that we just saw him sitting outside so we went over to say hi and he offered us some water which was super cool, and then we got talking about just normal stuff, his moto, how he was doing, just the usual. Then the conversation switched a complete 180! Out of nowhere he just comes out and says "Ive been reading more from that book you guys gave me and i believe its true".........LIKE WHAT?!? hahaha it shocked us so much! haha then he went on to say there was no way that José Smith could ever have just written the Book of Mormon. I guess its hard for you guys to know this guy from me just describing him to you but like im still compeletly shocked and havent taken it all in yet haha. Super cool to see how God can soften peoples hearts and to get to see the change that happens.

But this week was a good one filled with lots of hard work and tons of blessings. I am loving every day that I get to be out here, life here is really going by so fast. These two years are going to be up so quick! I am learning more and more everyday and feeling closer to my savior as I do. My testimony has grown so much in just the little time that i have been out here. Its one of the coolest things to get to go out and share it everyday of my life. But the coolest part is you dont have to have a missionary plaque to share what you know to be true. I love you guys and hope you all have the best week coming up.

Shout out to T-Swift for turning 12! Happy Birthday pashy! I'm sorry I couldn't be there for it but I want you to know how much I love you and miss you! I'm sure you got tons of presents and had the best time:) I hope you didn't go and invite all your little boyfriends tho;) haha love ya pash! 

Elder Nyberg

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