Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New companion

Hola familia, 

This week was full of suprises and lots of hard work. Sooooooo............. Changes!! One change in Concepcion so far and my comp Elder Alulema had 3 changes here. He got changed to a city called limpio by asuncion! He was a super sick comp and one thing I really learned from him was even though there are lots of rules and things we cant do as missionarys we can still have soo much fun! We worked hard every day but we played hard too. It really made a difference now too because it made working so much more fun. But for my new comp.............. I GOT A LATIN!!!!!!!! His name is Elder Granados and he is from Columbia. The best part is that he doesnt speak any english at all! He is a super chill dude and we get along really well. I could already tell this change was going to be a good one right when i meet him because he is super nice and super humble too. He always asks if i need help with anything or if he can do anything to help around and is just an all around solid dude. He has 10 months in the mission so not as much as my last 2 comps but its kinda cool cuz he has to rely on me alot to get around the area and to plan lessons and things. But im really exited for this change and the oppurtunity that i have to make my spanish and my accent alot better. yep, Goodbye english......... this next month and a half i get to speak in pure spanish and its going to be super rad. The columbian accent is a little different than here but it sounds really sick, hopefully with practice my lame american accent will start to go away!  Oh p.s my trainer Elder Hathaway just got changed from my last area to out here i concepcion too! he is in rama 1 and not too far away so i get to see him on pdays and stuff! 

Anyway as cool expierences go... our investagator lucilla got up in testimony meeting in sacrament and shared thee coolest testimony ive ever heard, i dont wanna sound like a baby or anything but legit brought tears to my eyes to hear everything she said. Its different when you get to see the gospel change peoples lives around you but when you get to be the missionary that teaches these people and are with them every step of the way, just watching them change is the coolest thing i have ever seen. Espically lucilla, she has a really hard life. There has been alot of bad that has entered her life starting when her dad abandoned her and i dont really want to talk about more because it is just a really sad story.  But just gettting the opprutunity to see the gospel heal the wounds that have happened in her life..... man i love being a missionary. We are still working really hard to help her mom, but she has been really difficult for us. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Just two lessons that ive learned more about this week,
Count your many blessings that you have in this life because there are always so much more than you think there are, you just have to stop and take a sec to see them. 
Dont be afraid to open your mouth to share the gospel, there are so many people just waiting for the chance to know what we already know and sometimes they are the people you would least expect. 

Anyway i love you all sooo much! Hope you all have the best week coming up!

Elder Nyberg

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