Monday, March 16, 2015


hola familia!

This week has been a super great one! there has been tons of work and lots of people to teach in my area and its seriously a giant blessing! I still remeber the first couple weeks of being here and how hard it was to just find one lesson or one person to talk to. But this week past by my 6 MONTHS! haha not like im counting or anything;) But serious its been 6 whole months since i left..... man its so crazy to even think about. I have already finished 1/4 of my mission.  But the best part to think about is i still have a year and a half more!  Im so stoked to see what the future has in store for me. More adventures, more fun, more crazy stories for sure. 

This wednesday I did a division with my zone leader Elder Page from colorado. I probably worked the hardest yet in the mission. Just because he is a super hard worker too and the both of us together is just insane haha we gave out almost every folleto(pamphlet) we had and taught a lesson with each one and the books of mormon too! You guys should see my agenda haha its just crazy, we set up citas too fill completely the next three days! It was just a super great day, i really love this area out in Concepcion.

I dont know if you guys remember the Montero family that me and my last comp help find, but today i past by their store and something super cool happened when i saw the sign sitting in front of their store. It really made me think about how the gospel can really change us, if we let it.  So when we first started talking to this family the dad told us he was on the brink of sucide, the mom would fight with him all the time and said she was about to leave her family and find another guy. The kids were just as you would imagine with this stuff going on in their family enviornment, super far apart from each other and getting into bad things. Since then its been about 2 months. And now the dad is about the happiest guy i have ever seen in my life, he is filled with the love of christ. I see him all the time asking if anyone needs help. He stops by our place and gives us free food all the time, just really THE nicest guy. And his wife, she has completely changed into the picture perfect mom. The love that she has for her kids now, you can just see is filling their home completely. This week she donated time and money to help out some less fortunate people in the rama here, i can really tell she is happy, you can just see it. And for the kids, They actually get along! It caught me super off guard the first time but they were actually hugging each other being nice! You can tell their relationships in their family have grown alot. So the question is, what happened in these 2 months to cause this huge change! Really the only thing that can make this big of a change in people are the teachings of Jesus Christ. But practically everyone in this whole world can get their hands on the bible or have heard about the things that christ taught. I mean I've always had a pair of scriptures somewhere chilling close in my house. I think the only way we can really change is if we apply the things that Christ taught into our own lives(1 Nephi 19:23) The gospel is already here, we have heard it, we study it and read it, but if we dont apply it into our own lives and really live it, it doesnt help us at all. The gospel has the potential to change us completely for the better, if we let it.

Love you all so much!!:)

Elder Nyberg

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