Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crazy chicken

Hola familia!

This week has been a really good one! It went by super super fast though and it was pretty much just a blur. Once you just get in the rythem of things, going out and working all day then coming back over and over things start to blur together haha. I dont have tons of time but i want to share a little story that happened yesterday on sunday!

So this day was just a super tranquilo sunday. The day before the pres of the rama called and assigned my companion Elder Granados, to give a talk.  It was super funny this sunday morning because he was totally stressin over a little 15 min talk on missionary work haha and he already speaks spanish! I still remember when i had to give my first talk in front of like 130 people without knowing spanish at all haha, yeah that was a fun expierence im not gonna forget. Today  the presidents wife was sick so we couldnt eat at their house like we usually do and play some uno too. So instead we got invited to go eat at the house de family Franco. Their family is super rad. They are all super crazy and something funny is always going on, they remind me alot of you guys. Well during lunch were just eating all normal, talking to everyone sitting all around their table with tons of food and everyones plates lined down the whole make-shift wood table. Then out of nowhere one of their chickens jumps up on the table, running around everywhere knocking down all the food, flapping its wings like crazy and making these screaming chicken noises hahaha. I dont know if youve ever tried catching a chicken before but its alot harder than you would think!  Everyone was screaming trying to get it off the table shouting all these things in Guarani (which sounds like straight up jibberish). The best part was when  we finally got the chicken off, we were all just looking around at each others faces in this moment of like alkward silence..... thinking what the heak just happened¿¿¿ Then all of us at the same time just start busting up laughing haha i swear it was probably the hardest i have ever laughed in my whole entire life haha! Man it was all super great. The Paraguay life is just the best. 

Anyway i hope you all have a awesome week coming up! and dont forget to keep smiling;)

Elder Nyberg

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