Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work in Concepcion

Hola familia!

This week was a really good one. Who would have ever thought? Out in the hardest zone in the mission but the work out here is actually picking up alot! We got a super cool reference from a hermana in the other rama close to ours and its turning out to be sweet. Her name is antonia and has a familia that are super tranquilo. I can see them progressing really great but the big trial for us is the dad is a heavy alcholic and has been for 10 years. We also have a teenager named lucilla that is way cool too! We found her and her family a couple weeks ago. Since then Lucilla has gone to church every sunday and has been progressing really well but we are really trying to focus on the family as a whole espically her mom. Her family has been really difficult for us because of the mindset of her older siblings and are really not the best example at all. Please keep these people in your prayers this week and hopefully we can work through these problems that are ahead of us. But i want to share a couple expeirences that happened this week. 

- Today was my first division in concepcion where i had to stay in this new area by myself and be senior comp for the day.  I can proudly say that i didnt get lost even once today! haha Im really starting to finally get to know this area and these members and settle down here. Changes are coming up this tuesday so that should be fun, but i think i going to be staying here though. Anyway Elder Fausett came over to my area for the day.  He is zone leader here and super old in the mission, he only has 4 months left till he goes home and i only have been in Paraguay for 4 months haha. Last night there was a massive storm and in the middle of last night water started coming in all over our bedroom and we were all freaking out trying to plug up everywhere where the water was coming in haha everything got super wet but it was way funny. Our whole bedroom had a couple inches of water in it. Oh yeahh... funny story. So because it rained so hard last night all the streets were like giant rivers today and i was crossing this ¨Little¨stream only thinking it was like 6 inches deep and i take a step with my foot and my whole leg sinks in up to my waist and i completely got soaked haha it ended up bing like 4 feet deep or something. Elder Fausett was dieing when he saw me fall in haha it was a good one. Oh p.s This morning after my shower i went to grab my towl and i felt a little movement and picket it up and a 4 inch lizard jumped out and scared me so bad haha man Paraguay is the best! Im lovin it so much!

Sorry i dont have tons of time to write all the things that happened to me this week, But ive been thinking alot and just looking back on how far my testimony has grown since ive been out here and its so cool to see. Just seeing the progress ive made has been super cool for me and right now i feel completely firm, without any doubt at all. I know this church, la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias is Christ´s restored church back on the earth once again. I love this gospel and the savior with all my heart. These things i know. I dont think ive ever been so sure about something in my whole entire life. I love to wake up everyday of my life and get to share what i know. The Mission is really the best, Im loving it so much out here. 

I love you all and miss you all soo much!

Elder Nyberg

from left to right Elder fausett, Elder Alulema, me, Elder Page

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