Monday, March 23, 2015

Ethan's Team!

Hola familia!

This week has been really tranquilo. This week I wanted to tell a little funny story that happened during this week!

So we contacted this house and got into a lesson with a lady named Gizel and her 8 month old baby.  We were teaching the restoration and were about half way in. Meanwhile she was holding her baby on her lap just listening to us. Half way into the lesson the baby chillin on her lap just started peeing all over haha it was running all down her leg, but the best part was the lady Gizel totally tried playing it off like nothing happened and she didnt even flinch! haha so we just kept teaching!(yeah super alkward i know) The babys down here just have shorts on and not dipers because most their parents are too poor to afford them.  So we just kept teaching, then about 5 minutes later the baby started makeing these funny faces and groaning sounds.... yeah turns out it was totally going number 2 while sitting on her leg! And at this point I almost let out a little giggle because the lady just kept acting like nothing was happening!  Then after 2 lonnnngggg minutes straight of these super loud groaning, ¨number 2 making¨ sounds and funny faces, I almost couldn't keep a straight face anymore! But the lady Gizel couldnt either.... She ended up just busting up laughing- hahaha and all of us started busting up and the little dude was still going strong! hahaha man the things you see in Paraguay......

I had a really cool expierence this week though. We were in a lesson with a couple, Pedro and Karmen. We started talking about the Plan of Salvation because that's the way things were just going. We had a really good start and we're trying to follow the spirit to find out what their needs were. About 15 min. in Karmen finally came out with the need. She had a ton of problems that were going on that we were trying to sort through but it ended up that the recent death of her mother was the cause of all these problems. I don't have lots of time to finish writing all this but in the end, because of my testimony of the Plan of Salvation I was able to comfort this person and really help her. To me it's still really sad to think about all the people in this world that don't know what is going to happen after death, or if they are ever going to get to see their family again? In this moment, seeing the relief on Karmens face that she will get to see her mom again is something I will never forget.  If you really think about it, I wouldn't have even close to as strong of a testimony that I do about this without the expierences that I have gained in my life so far.  And really it's because of 2 of the coolest dudes I have ever met in this life, KJ and Ethan I have this testimony, and I have the opportunity every day to share this testimony that I have gained and to help all of our other brothers and sisters that don't have this knowldege so that they can come to know for themselves too.

I hope you all are doing great and have the best week coming up:)

Elder Nyberg

We love Ethan's Team!

Valentine's package in March.

Pictures from his apartment in Concepcion.

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