Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference weekend

Hola familia!

 I hope you guys all had the best easter weekend! haha cuz mine was a little bit crazy... I'll probably just talk about my adventures out here in concepcion this Easter weekend especially for confrence! 


First off conference is like Christmas for the missionarys out here because we actually get to relax and just watch the prophets and apostles all day... but my confrence was a little different....

It started yesterday for the Saturday session, we got up in the morning and I bought like 3 bags of cookies and walked an hour out to rama 3 to watch it all day. When we started walking we could tell that a big strom was coming because all the clouds and stuff were changing and it started to sprinkle. After we finally got to the church over there it started raining like crazy! and as we waited for conference to start is just got worse and worse... As we took cover in the chapel all day, we got hit with a pretty bad one. It took out all the water and light for the whole entire city and pretty much just wreaked lots of peoples houses here. 

So for Saturday we didn't get to watch any of the sessions which was kind of a bummer. We ended up walking home that night in the rain and all to our house an hour away but when we got there there still wasn't any light or water and what was worse was our phone was dead so we had zero communication haha. I just thought the power and water was going to come on during the night sometime but i woke up sunday morning and nada! haha It was pretty bad though, sunday I saw the red cross here handing out water to everyone and it was super crazy to see... these people started to turn into legit animals and they were fighting each other for water and food. it was super sketchy. Sunday was a fun day though, all the missionarys without showering and super stinky showed up at rama 3 in the morning to sit and wait in cover over there to see if the light and water would be coming back on. We just ended up rationing our cookies and little confrence food around to the people to eat and played uno all day haha. I did get to see a little part of the last session on sunday though! even though it was skipping and really bad signal the whole time. All in all I had THE BEST CONFERENCE WEEKEND EVER!!!! but really though it was great, one adventure that I'm for sure never going to forget!


I hope you all are doing great and don't forget to keep smiling;)



Elder Nyberg

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