Monday, April 20, 2015

Member family in Concepcion

¡Hola familia!
This week was a really good one but it was super tranquilo one too. Not much went on but lots of work, walking and sweating haha. Right now in the mish I'm  really getting into the groove of things, the weeks are just flying by. I can speak spanish pretty good, the lessons are good, my comp is pretty rad, my rama with all my miembros are the best in the whole world -haha. life is just really good right now I'm lovin it! This week I don't have a bunch of stuff to write about but we did have a pretty rad lesson with a member named Renalda. so i guess I'll just talk a bit about that.

This day was a really good one it was full of clouds and not as hot as it normally is.  So we went over to this member Renaldas ¨house¨ (little shack made out of mostly wood). We got sitting down and she started to tell us this super cool story about something that just happened in her life. but before I go on I wanna give you guys a little run down of this miembros life. She is like 40 year old mother of 4 kids. All boys. Rodrigo, nico, allí, and daniel. Her husband left her and she has raised all of the kids on her own. They live in a 10 by 10 foot house made out of these clay brick looking things on one wall, and the other walls made out of wood and mostly garbage. She works all day everyday just to get barley enough money to pay for their food, and on the side of her work she is studying during the nights to get a lisence to work at a better place. Since she's gone all the time her oldest kid that is 15 years has to pretty much be the dad and raise his brothers when she is gone. But for the cool story, She was having to pay money every month to pay back the money she used to buy the bricks to build one wall of her house. But for the past 2 months she didn't have any money left over after buying food to use to pay back the debt. So the people that loaned her the money were going to come and take her house if she didn't pay by this day. She told us ¨I didn't have even one guarani(money) on me for almost this whole week but I knew that somehow there would be a way to pay it, so I prayed to God all during the night before and just kept going on like normal knowing that things would work out.¨ The next day she said that one of her little kids came up to her and had 300 guaranis (the amount she needed) in his hand, and was just like ¨mom dont you need some money?¨  and she still has no idea where her little kid got the money. 

My miembros out here are some of the coolest people I have ever met. This mission really is and will be the best 2 years of my life. I wouldn't trade this expierence for the world. 

I hope you guys are all doing great back home and know that I love you all TONS!

Elder Nyberg

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