Monday, April 13, 2015

Still chillin in Concepcion

hola familia! 
Sooo... this week i have like 30 minutes to type all this so I'm going to type as fast as I can -haha. I had a sweet pday today we hiked all the way to the river paraguay. I got some sick pictures too. if i find a computer that will let me, ill try to send them! But..... first off CHANGES! haha. yup, there were changes this past week and................ I'm staying in my same area in concepcion but with a new comp! a little  Peruvian  named Elder Guiterrez. He's like legit 4 foot nothing-haha but he is pretty rad and the coolest part is he wants to be a chef when he gets back and he cooks soooooo goooooood;) 

But I want to share a cool story that happened this week! so this day was a super fun one... we had lots of lessons and one got a little bit crazy but overall were doing work out here! But i want to write a little about this lesson that got a little bit crazy -haha. so we were visiting this lady named Angelica Torrez and she's like super into her religion, evangelico pienso. But the last visit we had with her she had us listen to this recording of a couple people from her church who apperently were ¨killed¨ by an angel then taken to hell then brought back to life haha yeah it was pure apostasy for sure. In the reccording most the time they were just screaming at the top of their lungs HALLILUYAH(no idea if i spelled that right..) and super crazy things in spanish. Last lesson we left her a little part to read about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon. Then today we came over for another cita and after teaching her all of the restauracion, i could tell just by her face that she was having serious doubts about hearing about another book of scripture because she sure loves her bible.  After teaching Book of Mormon I asked her if she had any questions and she said ¨oh yeah I have lots, just let me go bring my bible real quick¨ So basically she was saying let me go get my bible so i can fight you with doctrine haha she had legit written papers of scriptures to bash on us. She was super closed minded and tried taking shots using different verses of scripture but the cool thing was i had studied every one of the scriptures she used and kept my cool and explained to her every single one. Then I just started going and going and man it felt like the words were just coming to my mouth, she started out super closed off saying any peice of scripture besides the bible was a legit abominacion to God but in the end she flipped a complete 180. She not only accepted a Book of Mormon and was going to read but she said when God answeres her prayers she will be baptized in the church. Yeah it was a pretty rad lesson. After I left my hands were serious shaking full of like adreniline or something haha it was crazy.

But I hope you all had an awesome week this week!

Elder Nyberg
Nate's comp. Elder Guiterrez

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