Saturday, February 13, 2016

Driving in Paraguagy

Hey fam!

Hope you guys are doing great! this past week was a really fun one, and as you guys can probably guess it was a really busy one too. This past week we had our zone confrence, All of our interviews with president, and just a ton of random fun stuff that comes up like always.

So as for zone conference, i mean i never actually thought of how much work it was to plan everything out for president until i got here to the office. Props to all the elders in the past that have worked to help pres. out cuz it is not the easiest thing haha. But i had a fun experience for this zone conference especially, I was just getting ready to go in and listen to zone conference when an elder that works in the office too comes in and asks us if anyone knows how to change a couple tires. Of course everyone just looks around with that ¨uhh ohh i don't know¨ face haha and of course elder nyberg with the suit on and everything has to step up hahaha. So my zone conference consisted of dirty greasy hands and tire jacks. Missed out on my interview that day with pres but i'll get to do it another day. But definitely a zone conference i will always remember haha. 

This week i officially got my paraguayan licence too. So now i'm fully legal for driving;P It's been crazy driving down here too. Here in paraguay there are NO speed limits, NO lines in the road and the police don't give tickets because they're kinda really corrupt haha. So i bet you can just imagine how much fun it is driving down here;)

Okay sorry for the shortness but i have to cut it off there, i gotta go because we got to take a couple missionaries out to the terminal. see ya next week! 

Love you guys!!

Elder Nyberg

P.s Watch out Elder NATHANG is out on the roads haha man i love paraguay.

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