Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recent Convert

Hola Familia! 

This week has been a really good one, lots of stuff going on haha but a good one. Today we just got done doing a service project at the bishop's house, and then he cooked us a super good asado(kinda like BBQ) it was sweet. But as for the week there were a couple cool experiences i wanted to share. 

So this week there were about 4 special changes with missionaries in the mission and we are always the ones who have to figure out how to move them all as smoothly as possible. So Thursday there was one elder in the office with me just helping out for that one day until his new comp could come meet up with him. I could tell he was getting pretty bored not really having too much to do, so i tried really hard and got all that i needed to get done that day and i took him out contacting in my area. There was a reference that was from the hermanas here that was supposed to be like a super prepared familia so we went on our way to that reference, while doing some contacting on the way (it was pouring rain haha). And just saying, i really don't know my area like at all because i'm still super new here haha. But anyways we were walking down this road in the rain and just as we were turning a corner to the road i thought this reference was on we heard this lady yell something to my comp. So of course we go over there and hide under the little metal roof to get out of the rain and my comp just looks at this lady and the lady just starts flipping out of how excited she is to see my comp. I was pretty lost what was going on haha but we got talking and it turns out the lady is a super recent convert that just got baptized from the area of the elder that was with me. She was telling us that she felt so lost because she had to unexpectedly leave her house and come here to Asuncion for work, and with her being the only member in her family, she felt like she couldn't find a way back to church. She told us that the elder that was with me was exactly the person she wanted to see. I just thought it was super cool to see how even being super new in my area and a little lost the lord puts people in our path to find. It has happened to me several times on the mish and it still never gets old. The mission is simply the best. 

I had a couple other cool things happen but i have to go in a sec, so i'll guess it will have to be for another time!

Love you guys tons!

Elder Nyberg

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