Saturday, January 30, 2016

In the office

 Hola familia!

i know it's been a couple weeks since i could get a good email off but it's just been really busy here in the office in asuncion. There is literally ALWAYS things to do, haha my list never ends. like right now i only have about 45 mins because i have to go contact a reference we got yesterday then go to a lesson we have set up. This past week has been probably one of the hardest but most rewarding weeks of my whole life. ill try to give you guys a quick run down on the life of Elder Nyberg haha. 

So something that happened this week overall was we had transfers for the whole missionaries, it's a super cool process to see president Mcmullin literally lock himself in his office for almost 3 days in prayer and fasting to know in what areas the missionaries are going to serve in next. Biggest perk of working here in Asuncion is getting to work alongside of Pres. That guy is someone who i really look up to and just seems to know the answers to everything! 
So this whole week we were making preparations for transfers and how it was going to work. The area 70 had us change the way of how we do our transfers so we had to think up of a system to ship around 200+ missionaries all across Paraguay. Also we were expecting the new missionaries coming in, and having to take the Missionaries that are going home too. And out of the 200+ missionaries moving around, the new ones and the old ones coming and going, i was in charge of every single thing that had to do with money. All the plane stuff, taxis, buses, luggage fees, medical stuff, visa documents for everyone. So this week was a pretty hard one for me, i don't want to go into all the details but my testimony did grow a lot this week especially about prayer.I probably prayed more this past week than any other. For 2 days in a row i didn't have time to sleep and on the third i got a little more than an hour in and i just remember having to wake up and starting my day off with a prayer, throwing on the first shirt and tie i could find and heading to the office. After this week i really have a gained a testimony of that saying ¨ If life gets too hard to stand, Kneel¨ By Gordon B. Hinckley. I know God listens to our prayers, i know he answers them too. He is always there to help us out in whatever we are going through, especially if life gets a little hard. 

But as for the Rewarding side, This week was Alex´s baptism! It turned out to be soo cool! We ended up asking him to see if he wanted to move his baptism date to Tuesday, and he didn't mind. So we planned everything out to the minute and surprised Alex and the New Missionaries all at the same time! haha. We got it so the baptism was right at the time when the new missionaries came here to the office after the airport and got to help out in singing a hymn at the baptism. Alex loved it and got to meet all the new missionaries that came into the mission, it is so cool to see all the newbies because they just have so much energy to get out and work haha i love it. It really couldn't have been better, I'm telling you all the hard work, sweat, lack of sleep and sore feet from walking all day every day just goes away once you watch someone enter the baptismal font. It really is the best feeling i have ever felt, i just love it. The mission is the best. 

Elder Nyberg

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