Sunday, January 3, 2016

Special changes...Financiero Guy

hey fam,

Okay so first off, Happy New Year!! 
this week has been pretty crazy that's for sure, i had a really busy new years a lot different than what i was used to in the mish, lots of stuff going on haha but it was great. You're probably wondering why i get to write you guys on Saturdays now too. So i'm gonna just run by the stuff that happened in the week!

So on Wednesday the 30th i was on divisions with another Elder in my area in limpio, just like any other of the millions of normal divisions that i've done haha. It was going really great, i mean it was really hot as always but we found some new cool investigators and taught a couple of recent converts. It was going good, just like any other divisions. Then i got a call from President Mcmullin...... So he calls me and tells me i'm going to be having special changes. That i would be called to serve as the Financiero for the WHOLE mission. And that i would need to be ready in the morning so the Assistants could come pick me up and i could get straight to work. So my new area would be in downtown Asuncion and my new companion was going to be Elder Vela from my same group. Yeah it was pretty crazy, i was liking my area in huguito, limpio but i am looking forward for what the Lord has in store for me here in Asuncion too.  I left the area really good for the next elder that comes in to take my place, we had 2 set baptisms one for victor in one more week and the other is in 3 weeks for Richard. But I got to say goodbye to a couple cool members i got to know and had to pack my bags... yeah that took foreverrrrr haha. 

So the 31st, In the morning i had everything packed and ready for the Assistants to be there and we left at 8 so we could get to Asuncion at 10. I said goodbye to my comp Elder Castillo and left for Asuncion. Once i got here they showed me my office and i had a meeting with President Mcmullin. So up until this point i never really knew what the finance dude does in the mission other than pay for our taxis to get to other areas but once i left out of the meeting with the President.... man lets just say i have ALOT of responsibility here. I literately have to be in charge of all the money for the whole entire mission, down to knowing where every last penny(guarani) goes for EVERY single missionary. In this calling there is really no room for error, i get tons of stuff ready for the president to meet with the 70´s and man its crazy. It still amazes me of just how much the Lord trusts some 19 year old to do his work. But i know that when he calls us, he sure does qualify us too. Right now it seems like i have a lot on my plate(well i kinda do haha) but i know that with God's help I’m going to be just fine. But anyway we got to the mission office at 10 in the morning and once i walked in those doors till 9pm at night i guarantee you that i did not even have a full 2 minutes where i wasn’t busy. But once we got home the other elders had bought a bunch of meat and found some sweet BBQ sauce and we all cooked a massive BBQ for new years. It was so much fun, so right now i live in a super nice house in Asuncion with the other 4 missionaries from the office and man i love it. So yeah my pdays are going to be Saturdays from now on because we have to work on Mondays so the mission can keep running. Today we went to the zoo, i took a bunch of pictures but i forgot my camera cable so i'll just have to send them next week or something. But i'm super stoked to be here in a new area and i think this is going to be a really great challenge for me to take on, i'm looking forward to it a lot. 

Love you guys!

Elder Nyberg

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