Sunday, January 3, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Haupeí familia kuerá!

Happy New Years!

Christmas was so cool to get to see you guys! looks like you all are doing great! Braden, Alli and ash are growing like crazy too, everyone is getting so big. (still not gonna pass me up braden, sorry bro;) There is really not a ton of new stuff going on because we talked like a couple days ago -haha but i think i'm just gonna share a little about mi noche buena aquí or my christmas eve here. 

So christmas eve, we woke up pretty early like at 5am to travel to Luque for a multi-zona zone conference. The zone conference was way rad, i got to see Elder Gutierrez again and lots of other friends that i haven't seen in forever. But in the zone conference we had a great time, it was all really centered in Christ and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. There was a big rain storm that knocked out all the power to the chapel we were in but we kept going equal. They gave all the missionaries these little signs to fill out about Christ and we got to share our testimonies about them with all the missionaries. My sign said ¨Esta navidad regalaré a Cristo__________________¨ and i chose to put ¨mi voluntad para seguirle siempre¨ It took me a little bit to think about all the things that Christ would want for Christmas, at first i thought about material presents like maybe a new bike or a new guitar or something but i kept thinking what would Christ really want for Christmas when he has everything. I mean he created the world and i'm sure he could have any possession in the world that he wants. But the one thing that he can´t always have is our will. So i chose to give him exactly that, and as my little sign read ¨This Christmas i will give to Christ, My will to follow him forever.¨ He is my Teacher, my Savior and Redeemer, as i continue to give him my will by following in his footsteps he will make me into the person that i want to become. But this really has been a Christmas that i will always remember, there aren't too many times in your life when you get to be in the mission field serving during Christmas time so i´ll for sure be able to remember this one. I hope each and everyone one of you could enjoy this time of the year and had a great time remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

Love you all tons!

Elder Nyberg

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