Sunday, January 3, 2016

Transfer: city of Limpio in Huguito. w/Elder Castillo

hola familia!

This week has been pretty crazy, and such a fun one. So you guys are probably wondering where i'm at right now and i got changed to the city of limpio in a little area named Huguito. I'm still going strong on having straight latins and i just got another. His name is Elder Castillo and he is from Ecuador. But latins are super fun haha so far i've had comps from Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina and now Ecuador. He is pretty cool tho, just like every other latin he is a massive fan of fútbol. But he's a really great guy and i think we're going to have a lot of success here in Huguito. 

My area here is a lot more spread out and the houses are a lot more humble than my last area in san lorenzo. Probably the funnest part about Huguito is right after it rains. When i was traveling here from san lorenzo with my new comp he asks me ¨hey do you have rain boots?¨ and i told him nahh i didn't need them and i could just get around without them because i made it through 6 months in concepcion without any boots just fine. and he just looked at me and goes ¨just wait till the rain comes elder just wait till the rain comes.¨ And the rain definitely came this week hahaha i left to get out and work in the morning after the rain storm came and i wasn't out 10 minutes until i had to pass through a road with water up past my knees haha. When they say the streets here change to rivers when it rains it is soo true, they look like legit rivers! so yeah... that same day i went during lunch and bought some massive rain boots while i was at it too. And on the way back in the collectivo from buying the boots i looked out the window and saw something that made me laugh, i saw a street full of water and 5 little kids inside a blow up boat paddling their way down the street. 

We got hit pretty hard with a couple storms this week and it's been super fun getting to explore around the area. The crazy part is that it keeps raining but somehow it's still soo hot during the day. I've been here for like 5 or 6 days now and out of that the electricity has gone out 4 of the days so far haha. Gotta love sketchy paraguay. 

But as for investigators go, we have been finding lots of new ones and i'm really stoked to see how they progress. But for now probably the most solid one we have is named victor. He came to church yesterday which was so sweet, he lives in a little wooden box hut and is such a humble dude. he wants to serve a mission so bad already haha i love it. he comes from a crazy background with abusive parents and tons of crazy stories but he is loving the gospel so far and it's changing his life, i can see it little by little. 

but i hope you guys have the best Christmas ever! and i'll be looking forward to talk with you guys on the 25th!  Love you guys!

Elder Nyberg

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