Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 26, 2016

Hola familia!

So this week has been a really good one, we have been really busy lately and lots of stuff has been going on. A couple of the highlights are the multi-zone zone conference that we had, President and Hermana Mcmullin finish their mission this week which means President Evans is almost here, and we ended up finding some really cool people this week. 

So this week we all got to go to Luque to the stake center there to hear our last Zone Conference from the Mcmullins. It turned out to be one of the coolest Conferences i've had in my whole mission so far. President Mcmullin has been one of the greatest examples i have had in my life, who has constantly helped push me to go way beyond what i thought were my limits when it comes to this work. I am grateful i had the opportunity to work alongside him for 5 months and learn every step of the way. Going to miss them for sure and hope the best for them. I'm excited to meet President Evans too, from what they shared about him it seems he will fit right in here. 

But about some of the people we are teaching..

One is named Silvina. After the Zone conference we got back to our area really late and just had enough time to go contact for a little bit. We found her our second contact of the day. She is mother of 2 daughters and is a really humble lady. We go up and clapped her house and she was like"come on in!" haha such a nice lady. turns out she had never talked to missionaries before and once we got inside and sat down and got to know her she told us a bunch about her life and what she has been going through. Her daughter almost died recently and she has suffered a lot in this life. Something that really catches my attention about her is that she has one of the hardest lives i have heard about but yet she has one of the most bright and happy personalities that i have seen. She believes a lot in god and always recites her prayers every day and night. We taught her about the restauracion of the gospel and the spirit was really strong. She accepted the invitation to follow Jesus Christ and to be Baptized. We ended the lesson with a prayer kneeling on her dirt floor and it was one of a kind. When we had just left the house the first thing me and my comp said, almost at the same exact time to each other, was "Man, did you feel that?". It was a one of a kind lesson for sure. Can't wait to go back on tuesday and see how it goes.

Next one is one that happened yesterday night. So sunday night were just walking around, the person we had planned to visit wasn't home so we just kept walking a little bit looking to contact some people. As we were walking we just hear this lady shout "Hermanos!!" haha so we look over and there is this big lady waving us down. So of course we go over there to talk to them and they invite us right in there yard to sit down. We got talking and the lady`s name is lidia that is like 45 years old with her sister and her old mom too sitting next to them. They wanted to know alot about the church and had tons of questions. They are passing through a ruff time too, none of them have work and they have kids to feed. Her brother got into drugs and stuff too and they have been suffering alot lately. The coolest part was when she asked us what time the meetings are in the church, i told her every sunday starting at 8:30 in the morning, then she just looks at her sister and her mom and was like "you good to go this next sunday?" they say yeah and then she looks back at me and was like "don't worry we will be there for sure". haha so i'm stoked to see if they show up! We taught lesson 3 about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all three of them Accepted to be Baptized.  Were going back tomorrow and bringing a member to our lesson that lives close by them. 

Last cool experience was yesterday after church got over we got a call from a guy named marcos we have taught once. He had tons of questions and was a pretty cool guy. He calls and on the phone he's like "where you guys at?! i'm looking and were you at?!" Kinda confused, i told him we were just by the church. and then he says he was just out walking by the river and he remembered that we said our house was over by the river so he gave us a call haha. I asked him if he wanted to meet up at the church so we could share a little bit with him and he said sure! So 5 min later we met up at the church and we gave him a tour of the place. Then we sat down and went over the Restauracion of the gospel and taught about the Book of Mormon. It went really great, i'm stoked to go back and see how he progresses.

But i'm out of time, hope you guys have an awesome week! love ya!

Elder Nyberg
Nate's Comp. Elder Starks 

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