Monday, November 17, 2014

Run Elder, He has a Mechete!

¡Hola Familia!

I hope you guys all had an awesome week! Mine was full with so many crazy things! I'm going to try and just say some of the highlights though!

Last Monday! Was probably my funnest P-day that I have ever had so far! So we were having a zone activity planned by our zone leaders and their super rad. We woke up and left in the morning all the way to Asuncion from Itaugua where I am. We all had heard rumors of a KFC that just opened there and they say it's the only one in all of Paraguay! So of course our whole p-day is going to be searching for this KFC because there is like ZERO American food down here! After 2+ hours of sketchy collectivo rides and being packed into the collectivo like sardines we finally found it!!! You guys are all probably laughing but you seriously don't know the joy that overcame me when I turned the corner to see an actual place that sells American food!  This KFC attracted like all the missionarys in a 3+ hour radius from it -haha. I met so many new missionarys it was so much fun. There were probably at least 20 missionarys that came from all over just to eat some KFC. Anyway, after that all of our zone got to go bowling and I had so much fun! The Elders and Hermanas here are so funny. It makes it even more fun because my Spanish is terrible -haha it was great. After we were walking out you will never guess what we found next..... An actual frozen yogurt place! it was seriously just like Menchies or Krave like REAL ice cream! so yeah, this day was pretty much heaven -haha. All in all, having KFC and ice cream was totally worth the standing for 4+ hours straight on a super sketch collectivo, so squished I couldn't move in the scorching heat -haha. Man I love paraguay.

Tuesday was a really really really long day, but it was super good too! First off it was pouring rain and not just for some of the day or for a couple hours.  It rained for the whole entire day! like full out pouring! It was soo much fun! The roads turn into legit rivers here when it rains this much. I was loving it so much! The rain for sure made up for the fact that we were walking all day long and not one person let us in or came out when we clapped their house. That's the other downside about Paraguay, if it rains even a tiny bit everyone stays inside and just sleeps all day. All work is automatically cancelled and people just sit at home the whole time.  I think Paraguay people are legit scared of the rain because throughout the whole town there was no one outside! But you know its all good, we were completely soaked head to toe and I had the funnest time! This was probably the closest I am going to get to swimming for the next 2 years -haha. 

Just a little story, everyone here always thinks I am from Germany. like everybody! -haha I have people ask me about it all the time. But when we were walking back at night from a members house these two drunk guys saw me and started doing the Hitler sign with their hands and running around saying over and over "Im a Nazi, Im a Nazi" -haha  

Saturday, In the morning we went to the familia Mendez house to do some service. They are probably my favorite family in this rama. But anyway, we got to cut down some trees in their yard with the other Elders and pretty much just messed around with the machettes the whole time -haha yeah, I'm lucky I still have all my fingers.  After we went to this family's house that have 2 out of the whole family who are progressing really well, but when we went to their house almost no one was there. The grandpa was outside and we started talking to him when their uncle I think, came out totally wasted and sat by us and started going off about his life.  He was saying he is straight up going to hell and their is no hope for him because he has done way to many bad things in his life.  We started teaching him a little about the atonement and how he could have so much more happiness in his life.  What he said next, even though he was drunk, just made me feel so bad for this guy. he said while raising his 2 liter full of beer up "this is my only happiness, there is no hope for me" This was just really hard for me to see, If only this man knew how much God loves him and how much he wants the best for him.  If only he knew his divine potential and how capable he really is.  If only he knew the true happiness that comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why I am here. I am going to work as hard as I possibly can, giving it all that I can give, no matter how many countless miles I have to walk every day or trials I have to go through so that these people in Paraguay can know these things for themselves.

Sunday, was a pretty chill day at church just like any other sunday. I am getting to know the members a lot better and they are all so great! Today in church one guy named Fernando who is a special Ed guy sat next to me in sacrament and he was so funny to talk to. For some reason he loves hanging around me and we're already starting to become really good friends, I love it. But anyway, after church we had a ton of studying to do because I'm still new and have to have so much more time to study. After all of our studys we only had time to fit in one lesson but this lesson was so crazy! It was with these 2 sisters and their grandpa. They were all progressing really well and we even had babtism dates set. But when we went there and sat down, the sisters told us they talked it over and they want to stay with the Catholic church because they have been in it their whole lives.  We knew there was some questions or need that they had because it just didn't make sense.  After talking for a bit we found out their real doubt was about babtism and that we don't baptize babies. We were explaining this really well and they were learning so much. It was hard becauswe their same uncle was still super drunk and kept inturrupting our lesson and going off about the wierdest things.  Their uncles friend that was just as drunk as he was, was walking around the yard too but he wasn't bugging us that bad.  We got done explaining about babtism and by this time the spirit was definitly with us, we were teaching with such power it was so cool. I'm still not used to how cool it is to teach with the spirit and authority it's the coolest thing I have ever experienced. But by this time a car pulled up to the house and out came 3 more completely drunk guys -haha. They were just chilling in the front yard on the street talking and trying to walk without falling over and other drunk people stuff. Our conversation just led right into how we knew that the book of mormon is true. My comp. gave a killer story and I just got done telling how I came to know it was true and mid-way through one of the most powerful testimony I have ever givin, out comes the uncles friend that is completely drunk shouting stuff at the drunk people on the road with a machette in hand ready to straight up kill somebody. Oh man, it got real so fast. Next thing we know the dude with the machette goes straight for one dude in the front yard but the grandpa is such a baller and straight up tackles him and tries to wrestle the machette away. By this time all the drunk people are screaming and fighting and it's complete chaos with us right in the middle. Talk about straight adrenaline rush. We dodged a couple dudes and ran as fast as we could past the guy with the machete -haha just a tad bit sketchyyyyy. Man paraguay is always an adventure. Im lovin it! 

I love and miss all of you!
I hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Midsize(Nyberg)

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