Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Score~ God: 1 Satan: 0 #winning

Hola Familia!

This week has been super great and I hope you all had a really good one too! My comp and me are pretty much fimiliar with our new area now and were just doing work! My days are getting really busy, which is great!

My last p-day was so great! Me my comp and the zone leaders took that 4-hour trip to the city to go get Quiznos this time -haha. If your kind of noticing a pattern every p-day is just our chance to get real American food even though it takes a huge trip to get there it is totally worth it! It’s awesome that I’m super tight with our zone leaders too because they totally hook us up with everything! Then my other favorite part of p-day is getting to email everyone and see how life is back in the states because down here I feel like I’m in a bubble where I have no clue what’s going on outside of my little tiny town Itaguá! -haha Also the break we get on p-days are sooooo needed –ha. My whole body by the end of the week is just so sore just to get to lay down for 30 minutes and not have to worry about anything at all is so great! Yeah p-days here are the best!

So in this neighborhood that is an hour away by foot we found this guy named Juan and he is way into the bible and overall just trying to find the true church! He is a pretty sweet dude and he told us that he has been meeting a lot with the Jehovah’s Witness missionaries; on this day he showed us some of the pamphlets and papers that they have given him.  Just a little back story with the JW missionaries, we always see them out front of the big supermarket here with a little stand all set up and every time they see us or we pass by they get all super awkward and look at the ground or something -haha it’s kinda funny. Especially when I say hi and just smile they always give me a weird look back. But anyway they have given Juan a ton of papers about the Book of Mormon and all about Joseph Smith. Juan gave us a couple cuz he had a ton of them. So my comp and I read through it later and almost all of it was straight up lies... It really makes me sad that for them to try and preach their doctrine they have to try and attack ours. He said they spent more time talking about Joseph Smith and trying to tear down our church then even talking about anything from their religion -haha. Not only do we have to try and teach really closed off Catholics but now were getting legit questions like "who gave Joseph Smith the magic silver sunglasses to write the Book of Mormon? “- These JW's are really not making this easy but it’s all good cuz we are surprisingly having a ton more success in our area! I am noticing so many more little miracles that are helping us out. It’s so cool. Score: God:1 Satan:0 hahaha #winning.

So there’s this kid named Antonio that’s Elder Smith and Elder Mcclellands investigator that got baptized this week, which was super cool. Even though he is the other Elder’s investigator somehow we have become really tight. He always calls me "teacher" because I always tell him funny new words in English. But he really wanted me to speak at his baptism so I said that I would even though I knew it was going to be really hard because of my Spanish. -Ha if it were anyone else I probably would have tried to get out of it –haha.  Antionio is such a rad kid.  Straight up, he is such an example to us and everyone around him, I love it. But I used like an hour and a half of study time just to prepare a 10-minute talk –haha. It was hard enough just preparing the talk really good but then I had to figure out how to translate it all... I gave the talk and I did so much better than I thought I would do –haha. The people actually understood me so that’s a plus. But yeah, it ended up being a really cool night!

I just wanna say that I seriously love the members down here in Paraguay. For real they are the nicest people you could ever meet. I had an experience this week when we were just walking back from English class (which is always so much fun) to our house to get ready to go to bed and stuff when this little car with a whole family packed in there pulls over and yells, "Elders Elders!" They were a member family in a town close to ours but they went out of their way, no matter how much we insisted it was okay, pulled over and bought us both some dang good super panchos (kinda like giant hotdogs).  Just to give you a feel for these people, their car was soo junky even though I’m sure they could barley afford to pay for it along with providing for their whole family.  Just seeing them with their clothes that don’t ever fit right, obviously they don’t have a lot.  But they stopped and paid for some food just to help us out. This right here means the world to me.  I have no doubt that these people would have given the clothes off their backs to someone if they needed it. Just to think they have barley anything at all but yet they give so much! It’s always easy to give stuff away when you have a lot but when these people have almost nothing and still give it all away, it truly shows how Christ-like they are becoming.  I love my miembros so much, I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have just to get to know them and how much they are examples to me. I am surrounded my members who I am convinced are some of the nicest people in the whole world.  Straight up. I love these people. I love this country. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I’m lovin life.

I love and miss you all 
I hope you all have an awesome week!

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