Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First Package Arrives!

¡Hola Familia!

Sorry I didn’t get to email yesterday on Monday, December 8th there was a crazy huge catholic holiday where everyone in Paraguay no matter how far walks/crawls to a city called Cacupé where they have this MASSIVE catholic rave/dance party/fiesta... yeah basically everyone just goes there to get drunk and party but its supposed to be like a worship for the Virgin Mary or something. So anyway every store was closed down and there was nowhere I could write you guys! 

But this last week has been a pretty chill one besides HAVING CHANGES! And you'll never guess where I am now!............................. yep I'm in the same area with my same comp -haha. But cambios were super fun and lots of things got changed so I thought I'd take this email and just talk about my area and how life down here is! and hopefully I can send some pictures too.

Right now I'm in a little town right on the Routa 2, which is kinda, like the highway here. My town is called Itauguá and there are 4 areas in my town for missionarys to work. It used to be the Hermanas Seeley and Seemann in one, across from them zone leaders Elders Smith & McClelland, then me and Elder Hathaway a little bit down from them. BUT NOW! We have two more Elders, Watkins (from my CCM group) and Wagner working in the area across from us. In the change Hermana Seeley got switched out and Heremana Seemann is training a newbie Hermana Hall. So everyone in our district is training and were all Americans too! (Which isn't the best for my spanish- haha)

My area- ummmm probaby the one word that describes my area is difficult -haha. Before my comp and I came to our area, the whole area got shut down for any kind of missionary work. After a few months of our area being closed me and my comp were sent here to do a whitewash train... It was very difficult to get started. This past month has been one of the hardest with starting at ground zero with these languages and ground zero with our area. But one change in and we are doing sooo much better and having so much more success finding people and with teaching! Another thing about my area is that there are about 50 members in our area but they are all super inactive and just really need help to be fully converted to the gospel. This has been such a huge part of our work.  We have helped reactivate two families so far and its one of the coolest things to see the change the gospel brings back into these peoples lives.

The food! Okay I’m just gonna start naming off some everyday foods I eat all the time! Right now actually I'm eating a milanasa sandwich and they are super good, it’s like a deep fried piece of meat on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato and stuff. We have them all the time for lunch. Empanadas are another huge food here. They make empanadas with about everything you can imagine inside of them but the most common are meat, chicken & ham and cheese.  With the members we usually eat pasta or noodles, which are so good. They always have like a side dish of usually bread or mandioca. Mandioca is like the famous food here in Paraguay its kind of like a potato but it doesn’t have any flavor to it. Tons of people eat it down here just to fill them up so they don't go hungry. Then the Fruit! Ah there is soo much fruit down here it's the best I have apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, and watermelon everything! They make this thing called ensalada de fruta (fruit salad) but it's like cut up fruit that has been soaking in this fruit juice they make and serve it super cold. Man its one of my favorites!

There are tons of animals but not as much as farther out in the chaco. I see cows, chickens, and goats walking all over the streets. People have parrots as pets all the time and they are super fun to play with but not when they bite -haha. There are at least a million dogs in my little town I swear! Dogs are everywhere. 

Collectivos are these super cool busses that are always packed soo full but they are how everyone gets around. They are always painted super rad and have a ton of Catholic Jesus pictures on them or of The Virgin Mary. The drivers of these things are legit crazy. To this day I do not know how they don't just crash into everything they drive by. But I have been in one where it ripped the door off of another car -haha just a little sketch. Whenever you’re at your stop you push on this button that makes a bell ring so he knows to stop. And when I say stop I mean he slows down just enough so you can jump off and kind of land without falling over most of the time -haha. It's something you have to get good at, jumping off while it's still moving. You can always count on them to be super hot and sweaty and have no seats left to sit down.

This week I also got my packages from my mom and they were jam packed with American food! If any of you see Roachy make sure you all give her a giant hug for me. Every missionary was like fighting for just little pieces of this candy it was so funny, I have some pics of my comp eating hot Cheetos for his first time in like a year and a half. But really I have the best mom I could ever ask for. #Roachyisthebest 

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Midsize(Nyberg)
Outside Nate's Apartment window off of Route 2
1st Package Arrived! Nate's Loving his favorite Cool Ranch Doritos!
Nate's Companion Elder Hathaway loving Hot Cheetos!
from left to right
Hermana Seeley, Hermana Seemann, Elder Smith, Elder Me, Elder Hathaway, Elder McClelland

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