Monday, January 26, 2015

1st transfer~ from Itaugua to Concepcion

Hola familia! 
This week has been insane! You are probably wondering what happened about changes and ........................................ Yup I got changed out to a city called Concepcion! The change has been completely different from anything that I was used to in my last area back in Itaugua. So I think I’m just gonna go over some cool stuff about my new area and my new comp!

So Tuesday morning we found out changes and it was crazy! Which then meant that I had the rest of that day to pack up all of my things and say a couple goodbyes to some of my miembros in Itaugua. I went and packed up all my stuff as fast as I could -haha and I have no idea how I fit it all in the little suitcases that I had. It’s hard to fit your whole life for two years into 3 little suit cases ya know?! -haha but somehow, someway we made it fit. The whole rest of the day was really hard for me. I went to say goodbye to some of my miembros that I was the closest to. I have no idea how but in the time of 3 months these people in Itaugua have legit become my family. They took me in from day one with me not speaking hardly any Spanish and we have just grown to become one big family. Goodbyes are never fun and I’m not one to get all emotional and that stuff but it was really, really tough just to hold back tears when I was saying goodbye to these people. One of my favorite miembros was Adolfina, she was the mom of the kid I got to baptize and I was super close to them. She straight up treated me like her son-haha I loved it. Anyway after I had to say all of my goodbyes and take pictures I went to bed because we had to get up at 5 the next morning so I could get shipped out to luqe then to Concepcion.

Wednesday was a pretty chill day. Everyone that has changes has to meet up at a city called luqe then meet your new comp and go to your new area.  For me it was a little different because the city I was going to is about 7 or 8 hours away by bus, there was just a group of us that were heading out and my comp was going to be waiting for me out there. The bus ride was super long and a little sketchy but I made it perfectly safe and without dying or anything -haha. So I meet my comp and he is super sick. His name is Elder Alulema and he is from Utah but he was born and raised up in New York City. His parents are Latino so he already knew Spanish super good and can speak perfect. He has only like 5 months left in the mission until he goes home so he knows sooo much stuff. He is a super funny guy and we have so much fun. He loves to joke around and I love it, it makes the work so much better. He works so hard too, he is just in the groove right now and it seems like nothing can stop him -haha. 

Okay a little about Concepcion! I kinda lucked out and I have the most civilized area out of all of Concepcion, my area is right in the middle of the town but its still Paraguay so it’s really not civilized at all -haha. One thing about all of Concepcion is that it is the hardest zone in the whole mission ha...... in the past year and a half there has only been one baptism in the whole entire zone..... Ok I’ll give you a little picture to help you understand Concepcion a little better and why it’s so hard. In the middle of this town clear out in the middle of Paraguay they have a giant statue like 200 feet tall, of the Virgin Mary which they pretty much worship. Everyone out here is hardcore catholic and most of them could never even fathom trying to go to another church besides the catholic church just because of how much of a tradition it is in their culture. Like if you ask anyone out here why they are Catholic they just say straight up it’s because my parents were catholic and their parents were catholic and their parents and so on. It’s more or less just a way of life than an actual religion. Another thing about Conci is the heat............ I got changed in the perfect time of the year just when summer is beginning to be one of the hottest city in all of Paraguay. The day before I got here my comp told me the norm for that day was 120 plus all of the humidity on top of that -haha.  All the missionaries here tell me if I can survive this summer here I can survive anything- haha. For sure the weather is really rough and its hard to work in conditions like this but it’s all good. One really nice thing is because this is one of the hottest places in all of Paraguay we have one of the nicest houses! and you’ll never guess what it has............. IT HAS AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have no idea how awesome this is from going to one house that had none to one that does! It’s sooo great! My comp was dying just seeing my reaction to walking into the Air-conditioned room for the first time. I was actually cold this morning when I got up out of bed- haha I was starting to forget how being cold even felt! The AC only runs in one room and that’s the one we sleep in but we moved a desk in there too so we can do our studies and everything. 

Anyway this new transfer is going to be really good for me and I can’t wait to get to work here and do the best that I can out here. My comp and me work really well together and I think we can make a big difference to the work out here in Concepcion. I am super grateful for this opportunity that I have in this area to learn and grow tons. I can already tell after this change I am going to progress so much more and learn tons! I hope all of you are doing great back home. I miss and love every single one of you!

Elder Nyberg
                                                    Saying Goodbye to a family in Itaugua
                                                    Saying Goodbye to a family in Itaugua
                               Area: Concepcion Comp: Elder Alulema

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