Monday, January 12, 2015

First Baptism

Hola familia!

This week was super great and I can now officially say I’m DONE with training! This week was the last week of the change and you are probably wondering where my new area is or if I got changed................................................... weellllll I don’t get to know till tomorrow -hahaha so you guys are just going to have to wait another week. This week was really special for me and i had one of the coolest experiences so far on my mission so I’m gonna share a little about that. 
This was on Saturday, and it is really starting to get summer down here... Just from walking around outside for a little bit my whole entire shirt was drenched in sweat.... yeah pretty nasty huh -haha. Like even at night when its almost 10:30 at night I’m still fully sweating, and its probably stays in the high 90¨s with the humidity outside too. We have to drink soooo much water ha. But Saturday was a really special day for me because of my first baptism! Well technically it was the Hermana’s investigator named Bi-too but still it the best. It was super cool because out of all the elders and even the branch president he chose me to baptize him because he really looks up to me and he loves being around me its so awesome. Not going to lie i was pretty nervous i was going to say the words wrong or mess up his name (the people down here have 4 names in their full name -haha) but it went perfect! This kid is one of the coolest kids too, so rad. His mom just recently got baptized and she loves me so much too –haha. she calls me her son. It’s like I’m legit apart of their family now, I love these people soo much! One cool thing that happened was after we got out of the font and went back and were changing. I asked him how he was feeling. Just how he answered it was super cool, he was tripping over words and then paused for a bit to try and think of how to say it but then he just said it’s some thing indescribable. Just the best feeling he has ever felt. This day was seriously the greatest experience for me. Just seeing how happy the gospel makes Bi-too and his family makes me so happy. I love this work. All this hard work and difficulties we have, all the blood, sweat and tears... well mostly sweat;) that we put in are ALL worth it when you get to see someone exit the font a new person.  
I love you all and miss you all tons! 
Elder Midsize(Nyberg) 

                                                First Baptism: Bi-too
                                            Bi-too & Elder Nyberg
Elder Hathaway & Elder Nyberg

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