Monday, January 12, 2015

First Christmas in Paraguay

Hola familia! 

This week was super great. Not a ton happened because of it being Christmas and all but it was definitly a super good week!

So Christmas Eve all the missionarys got to stay out till 11 at night to hang out with members or do some more visits. So me and my comp went over to the familia Rescalde and they made us some super good chicken with chorizo and tons of fruit too. It was soo good! We pretty much just chilled with them for a while because they have tons of kids and their probably one of the coolest familias here. After that we all went over to the zone leaders house and had a slept over with all 6 of the Elders in our district it was way fun. 

Christmas morning I opened some of the packages I had and was loving all the American food I got! American food down here is worth like straight up gold to the other missionaries -haha. After we all opèned our presents we went to the church with all of us plus the hermanas in our district and had a giant french toast breakfast with hash browns and eggs too. If it wasnt for the hermanas all of us Elders probably would have ruined all the food when we tried to cook haha. The hermanas are super nice and helped us a ton. But we all had like 6 pieces of french toast a person and we were completley stuffed. Then the SKYPE CALL!!!! It was super cool to see all you guys and talk! I loved it! It was the best time for sure! the time went by so fast. It felt like a 10 minute long conversation and then it was already time to end but it was great.  just for the record it's almost impossible down here to find internet fast enough for a good skype call and thats even if you can find a good computer with a webcam haha but with all of us elders down here in my district we pulled it off! After that we went out to go do visits and walking with tons of french toast in your stomach in the heat isn't the best combo so me and my comp. si o si (yes, oh, yes) it felt like we were both gonna throw it all up- haha but we made it! Its like a tradicion down here to give everyone tons of ensalda de fruita on Christmas so we got some of that at every house and it was heaven. The fruit is soooo good down here! but that was about our whole Christmas day finishing it off with some lessons about the real meaning of Christmas to families in our area it was a really awesome time.

One little thing I learned from this Christmas being away from home and all is just how important it is to have people you love around you at Christmas time. We all celebrate Christmas for the birth of our Savior and this time of the year is all about being grateful and sharing among the people around us. God gave us the greatest gift of all, his Son Jesus Christ. Now that we have this gift and knowledge of our Savior we should be the ones to share it with all of our loved ones around us. And it really doesn't mean a whole lot if there is no one around us to share this gift with. I was really glad that I got to spend my Christmas with some Elders around me and the people here because they have really turned into my family away from home. I hope you all had the best Christmas ever, I was definitly thinking about so many of you guys at home. I love you all TONS! 

Elder Midsize(Nyberg)

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