Monday, September 21, 2015

Hump Day

Hola familia!

So this week was such a rad one here in Cocuere. We have some super sick investagators coming up and man some massive help from heaven too. I could legit stay here and write for hours of all the cool stuff that happened this week but I think I'm just gonna stick to writing about one investagador that found us. 

So I don't know if you guys remember in my last email I mentioned the name lisandro, he's a 20 year old dude that went to church last sunday. His older sister is a member but travels all over the world so is barley home. At church last Sunday  when I saw him, I thought he was a member already -haha he just looked like he fit right in. Not until when I was sitting next to my other investagator Junior, Mickayala (the branch pres`s wife) came up to us and told us to go sit by him to help him with the hymns and stuff and I was like why? he's already a member isn't he? but nope! haha so we went and after we scheduled a cita to go visit him. So this week I went over there for the first time with Elder carpio my Zone leader in divisions.  Annnnddd Danngg. So we got in there and got started talking about his life and why he ended up going to church that last sunday. He told us to hold on a sec. and went in his room to go get something. He came walking out with a triple BOM/PGP/D&C in his hands and he goes ¨i saw this book sitting in my sisters room, and decided to read a little bit, since then I've just been reading more and more. I don't know what it is but when I read this book or even have it in my hands, I feel something...something different.¨ Then he goes on to say that he always felt like something was missing in his life and that he found that something in this book. haha in this moment me and Elder carpio just looked at eachother like ¨Whattt just happened?!?!¨ Turns out that he has been reading for a whole week every night and is already in 2nd nefi 8!!! After he told us he was reading every night he said he was also praying to God after every time he read to know if he should keep going and to see if it is true and then he looks at us and says ¨Wait thats okay right? that I'm praying like this? like its not bad or anything?¨ Yeahh..... mine and Elder Carpios jaws were just dropped at this point like Holy golden investagator! But my favorite part was after we got done talking about the Book of Mormon he told us not to tell his sister that he stole her book hahahah and then he asked us how much a book like that cost so he could buy one. (and trust me this dude was prepared to drop some serious cash on this book) Man you should have seen his face when i told him it was free and when i gave him his own copy that was in my backpack his face just lit up so much. So when everything was said and done we put a babtism fecha for the 26th of september and he accepted. the only bad thing to this whole sick expierence is that changes are like a week before his babtism and it could be that i leave the area but im hoping i get to stay. But more than anything just came out with a stronger testimony that there are people SOO prepared for us to teach. They are out there. We just have to keep searching and working hard and God puts these people in our path to find. I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind, and that this is his work. Man the mish is soo rad i just love it. 

Oh and somebody hit their HUMP DAYY this week... yeah this kid. Can you guys believe ive been out a whole year? cuz i cant haha:P

Luffffff you guys tons! hope everything is goin good at home! keep livin it up and dont forget to keep smiling!:)

Elder Nyberg

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