Sunday, September 6, 2015

Little Miracles

Hola familia!

This week has been a super good one, we had lots of little miracles sent down from heaven to help us out this week for sure. Me and my comp Elder Cisternas are working really great. The wierd part is we don't have a ton of things in common but we get along super well. The work here in Kokuere is coming along great! Everyday more here is really the best. 

So a couple cool things that happened this week,,,, ahhh yeah so like a month ago I contacted a lady named Veronica that lives in a super humble house in a pretty ghetto part of the city. She spoke little spanish and LOTS of guarani. We taught her a little bit of the restoracion of the gospel and it was a special lesson trying our best to teach in guarani. She was really nice but didn't show a lot of interest or anything like that. Since then we've tried several times to follow up and no one has been home and the cell phone number she gave us wouldn't work. So this Saturday getting ready for Sunday I decided to give her a call just to invite her to church on Sunday. I called 4 times in the morning and the phone wouldn't ring or anything just like it had been before. I don't know why -haha but that night I was thinking about her and tryed one more time to call just for the heak of it. I was super suprised when I heard the ringing and a voice on the other end. I said we were the missionaries and we were looking to talk to Veronica. The first thing she yelled in the phone with her mixed guarani and spanish was ¨When are you guys coming to look for me to take me to church?!?!¨ haha. I said we could pass by the next morning and we would all go to church together. When we got there to our suprise we found veronica all ready with her best pair of pants and T-shirt on without any holes in them and her Libro de Mormon in her hand. We went. And she loved it. 

Another was Lionia and her familia. Lionia and her kids went to church this Sunday and they are loving it so much. Lionia is so prepared for babtism its crazy! it's her husband that is accepting things a little more slowly. But things are going to work out with them for sure.

I visited a inactive family this week that got babtised like 4 years ago. they are called the familia Garay. first off they haven't been recieving the missionarys for about 6 months now. We got in and It was a crazy first lesson with them for sure. Once I walked in the mom of the family kept looking at me all funny and it was super alkward not gonna lie -haha. then we got talking and she said I was for sure the same as the Elder that babtised them named Elder Davis. She was so conviced that I was him -haha it was crazy, anyway one thing led to another and they were remembering all the good times of her babtism and this Elder Davis that I've never met and you could just tell how close they were to this Elder. Anyways once we left the house, they committed to coming back to the church and even invited us over to eat dinner with them after church the next Sunday.

Fun expierence on Sunday too. haha 5 min. before sacrament meeting starts the branch pres. comes up to me and says ¨hey elder nyberg, I need you to give a talk and fill up the last 15 minutes of the meeting, okay?¨ haha I thought he was just messin with me but nope! I gave a 15 min talk and it was sweet. that promise in D&C that says if we always treasure up the words of the scriptures it will be givin us the words we need to speak in the exact moment we need them is totally true. 

Last cool expierence. I was asked to give 2 blessings of health on sunday too by two different hermanas. The power of the priesthood real. And just another reminder to all you priesthood holders out there. We never know when God needs us to use the priesthood to bless others, so ALWAYS be worthy of it. 

Anways love you all and hope things are going good!

Elder Nyberg

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