Friday, September 11, 2015

Searching for junior...

Hola familia!
This week was seriously one of the best. We've had soooooo many little miracles its been crazy. Sooo many random people that just seem to be coming out of no where into our path. Lets see how much I remember about the week;P 

Okay cool stuff, a couple days ago we had a teenager named Junior contact US in the street saying if we should pass by his house cuz he wanted to listen to us (yeah when does that ever happen?). So the next day we went looking for his house with the really bad paraguayan directions he gave us. We were searching for about an hour asking around and nothing. So we sat down a sec, super bummed that we were going to loose this sick referencia. We decided to just leave it and go to our next lesson, my comp got up to walk back to the main road where we came from but I told him I wanted to take this other sketchy road just cuz I wanted to explore a bit -haha I really have no clue why. But what do you know we walk 3 min. down this field/road and we see Junior in a house in the distance waving at us -haha. cool huh? We had a good lesson and the kid is looking sweet!

Another one, we got a referencia from a member to go to visit a guy named Ricardo Paniagua. But when we got talking it was crazy! this guy knows his stuff when it comes to the bible and has traveled all over the world and just knows a ton! He knows so much about so many different religions telling us that he has been looking for the truth all his life. He already had a Book of Mormon  from who knows who but we pulled it out and answered a little bit from a question that he had of why the good people in this life have to suffer so much. he then kept going off on all the differences of all the different religions and how everyone is preaching ¨the truth¨ but its all different. The coolest part of the lesson was when I asked him if he had ever asked God which church was true, and if he had ever prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. And the look he gave me was like ¨whoaa, I've never tried that before¨ haha you would have thought that someone that traveled the world and knows so much about other religions would have thought to ask God about it but nope! So he told me ¨give me a couple weeks so I can read the book and ask and then we´ll know¨ So I left him Moroni 10 4-5 and we´ll see how it goes!

Okay I'm running out of time but these are just a few more of the people who came out of nowhere that look super great. Marta beatriz and lisandro. they both have cool storys of how we found them, or how they found us is better said haha but i dont have more time!:/ its all good tho

Love you guys and hope everything is going great!

Elder Nyberg

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