Saturday, October 24, 2015

Junior's baptism & General conference,

Hola familia!

okay this week has been another crazy one in paraguay thats for sure, today I have like zero time to type cuz I have a lot of work I still have to get done by tomorrow soooooo im gonna send a bunch of pictures and hope that makes up for it:) hahaha 

But two quick cool things that happened this week was the Baptism of Junior and i got to see Elder Evans!

Hope you all liked conference too! cuz i got to see all of it this time! but it was in english and was super weird to listen to all the people give talks in all english for a day haha. 

But Love you guys TONS! hope your all doing great!!!

Elder Nyberg

Junior's baptism

Watching conference in English

cousin elder Jordon Evens (serving in asuncion)

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