Saturday, October 24, 2015

Divisions with Elder Florez & Lisandro

Hola familia!

this week has been a super fun one that's for sure, this week we have been focusing a lot more on contacting in every opportunity that we have. The mission right now has been teaching lots about desire to share the gospel and talking with everyone! But letsss see what happened this week haha hope I can remember all of it!

This week I had a super cool experience on Friday on a division with Elder Florez. I've known elder florez since I was out in Concepcion and it was really cool to get to work together for a day. First off it was just one of those days that goes by super super fast, we worked so hard it was the best. We found a familia called the familia mesa that all accpeted to be babtized, and they're super rad and I can't wait to see how they progress. On the division we went by Lisandros house and we had a super funny lesson with him haha. we were teaching lesson 3 about the gospel of Jesus Christ and like midway through we ask him about his life before his babtism and then we talked about how he feels right now and all the changes that has happened. Then we asked him if he wants others to have the same change he has had and feel the same happiness that he is feeling right now and he goes, "of course!"so we just look at him and were like... Get changed man were going to find some people right now and your coming with!! hahaha you should have seen his face, he was like for real?! I get to go out with you guys?!?! he was soooo pumped to get out and get to be with the missionarys for the day. We had a couple sweet lessons and contacts with him and he was lovin it. His testimony was soo SOLID, and he helped us put a baptism date with an investagador we have for the 28th of November. Lisandro is such a stud, he'd gonna be the best missionary. 

okay I don't have lots of time left but another cool moment was this sunday when Lisandro and Junior were able to bless and pass the sacrament for the first time! in the branch here the missionaries usually have to do it a lot of the times because there aren't that many active priesthood holders but now we have a couple of studs to fill in for us. oh and i had to give another talk in sacrament this sunday haha its kinda normal now that they just tell us an hour before the sacrament meeting and we have to have a talk all ready to go. but it was good, i talked on how the gospel helps us to get through our problems and trials in life.

Anyway hope life is good back home! love you guys sooo much! 

Elder Nyberg
divisions with Elder Florez & Lisandro 

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