Monday, November 2, 2015

Primary Program in San Lorenzo.

Hola familia!

This week has been pretty good, we've had a couple investagators fall but we've had a couple little miracles happen too in finding more people to teach. All in all it was a solid week. It's crazy you guys are getting close to Halloween! kinda lame they dont have halloween here but make sure to eat some extra candy this year for me;) 

Yesterday on Sunday we had the primary program here in my little branch in San Lorenzo. It was so fun to see haha. All the little kids from the branch get up to say their little part, and then there is always that one or two that get too nervous to be up there and just run back down to their mom and dad -hahaha I love it. But something that really made me think was when the branch pres got up to speak after the program was over, he talked about how every one of the little kids were going to be the leaders in this future generation. Talking about how the world is going to just get worse and worse, and that these little kids are going to be the future in boldly choosing the right, time after time, not giving importance to what consequences may come. Just looking at all of them and how inoccent they were, thinking about how much potentail each one has. Just thinking of every little one as a little Captain Moroni, Bold in following Christ in every decision we make. Then he talked about the responsibility that every parent and every leader in the church has to teach these little kids to become the people that God wants them to become. I really thought about that for a bit. I thought about every teacher that ive ever had since i was in the primary, up until young mens, then to leave to serve a mission. Thinking about every parent, leader, teacher or good example im my life who up until now has helped make me who i am today. I really wanted to thank every one of you, you know who you are, who has taught me since I was young to follow Christ and make right choices. Have taught me this gospel and shown me the happiness that we can find in living it. If i didnt have these people since i was young in my life, there would be no way I could be the instrument in Gods hands that I am today to help others to come to know these things too. 

A cool little expierence that happened yesterday too. I contacted a lady like more than 2 months ago and gave her a Book of Mormon, it wasn´t a super cool contact or anything she just kinda took it like whatever haha. Since then I never heard anything more from her until yesterday. I got a random phone call and it was that same lady, she told me she had been reading the book i gave her a ton and she is now in the San Lorenzo area and wants to meet with us. It never gets old seeing how God continues to soften peoples hearts and guides these people to the truth. I love it. Super pumped to see what happens this week when we can meet up to teach her. 

But hope you guys have an awesome week this week! love you guys so much!!

Elder Nyberg

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