Monday, November 9, 2015

3rd change and still in San Lorenzo with Elder Cisternas

hola familia!

Sooo... it looks like i get to stay in San lorenzo for at least another change! And I'll be staying with my same comp, Elder Cisternas jaja its kinda funny cuz I've almost never heard of companions staying together for more than 2 changes but looks like weve got a 3rd! Im super happy I got to stay because for real I'm loving it so much here in San Lorenzo. And I know that God needs me to be here at this time. 

This week not a ton of new stuff happened but we did have one cool expierence I wanted to share. But man I can't believe it's actually Monday again already, no joke I feel like yesterday I was in this same ciber writing all you guys jaja.  

Okay so this week (because we still have 2 areas to work in, the area is HUGE) we got lost in my own area jajaja. But as my comp says ¨we didn't get lost, we were just getting to know the area a little better¨.  So we were walking around a whole new part of the area that we have never explored before. We contacted a bit and had a lesson with a guy named Alfredo who is a ¨natural juju medicine doctor¨ jaja it was a cool lesson and I can see him progressing. But when we were just walking around out there we passed by a house with a guy sitting outside on a chair in front of his house. When we were walking by, I was contacting a lady who was walking with us in the street when this dude sitting in front of his house legit started freaking out, and started yelling ELDERS ELDERS sooo loud! I'm pretty sure it scared the poor lady I was contacting away cuz she didn't want to know more about the church jaja. So this guy tells us to come over to him and then he runs inside his house while were walking over.... so we just like stood outside for a couple minutes, i clapped the house to see if he would come out then we see him coming out with his mom like still freaking out and soooo exited. The guy is like 40 years old but just running and jumping and yelling as if he was a little kid jaja it was a pretty funny moment to see. Turns out his mom was just visiting that day from Argentina and they both are members but the guy(Armando) has been inactive for more than 20 years. His mom came to visit for a day and she is the Relief society Pres in her branch in Argentina. And for Armando, he grew up in the church, was like the perfect member until he turned 19 and started to take one bad decision after another. But he was always withthe missionaries  when he was growing up and litteraly LOVES the missionaries. I guess we were the first missionaries he has seen since he moved from argentina when he was a teenager. But man this guy has been through it all...... it was soooooo sad to just listen and hear his story. Drugs, drinking, losing both marriges to drug addictions, has kidsbut doesn't  know where they are in the world and so much more. but man I just wanted to give this dude a hug and tell him it's gonna be okay cuz of all the things he has gone through...  He is such a cool guy though, he loves joking around and is so funny. hes just the kind of person that you can't help but smile when you see him. But he came to church yesterday for the first time in 20 years! He still has a couple problems that we gotta work with but little by little this guy is going to come back to the church for sure. Its definitly his time to be back. 

But hope you guys are doing good! Love you guys tons! 

Elder Nyberg

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