Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving week

hola familia!

This week has been a pretty fun one, the heat is really coming back that's for sure. Summer is just starting full out while all you guys are probably getting cold weather and seeing snow haha. That really is so weird to just think of how snow is going to feel after 2 years of the heat down here, probably unreal. This week was a pretty long one, I kinda got a reminder that missionary work isn't always easy too. But I think i'm gonna share a couple experiences that happened in my week!

Okay so this week we have been talking with EVERYBODY! The mission right now is really focusing in every moment that we have to share the gospel with everyone that we can in all types of situations. We have a goal in the mission of at least, like minimum talking to 10 different people every single day about the gospel. Riding in collectivos, clapping houses, people in the streets and just pretty much everywhere! This week i kinda got a little reminder about the mission not being the easiest, it's not always fun getting rejected time after time. And this week it seemed to be rejection after rejection after rejection. Getting yelled at and cussed at is never fun but you just gotta love these people anyway. And we can never give up because it could be that last house or that last person passing by us on the street at night walking back to the house after a hard day's work that God has prepared for us to find and are ready to accept the Gospel. I was reading a part of a talk last night and there was a part that i really liked, it says ¨We are willing to pay the price of repeated rejection for the hope of a single conversion. Whatever the world throws at us, we throw back a smile, because we know we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ.¨ I just really liked that quote, i saw it during the week for sure especially in my comp one time. We clapped a house and a lady came out and started yelling at us about how much she hates our church because we apparently ¨worship José Smith as our God¨ and when she finally got done yelling right in the face of my companion and telling us to leave, he looked her right in the eyes with a massive smile and told her that he hopes she has a great day. 

So since I only have hermanas in my district I haven't been able to do divisions for a long time, but now since my zone leader is training i guess president mcmullin thought it would be a good idea for me to do divisions with the new missionary in his training every week. So this week was the first time and it was way fun! The new missionary is from Utah and it was fun to get to work with someone who lives back in the states. I get to help him a bit with his spanish and believe it or not he helped me tons with my english! haha. While we were on the division we decided to contact a house just like any other and it was super weird because a girl came out and turns out she has been studying english for the past 5 years and speaks really good! So we got talking and I changed to english, we introduced ourselves and i started explaining a little bit about what we do as missionaries and i was going good all in english but once i got into trying to share a little bit about the restoration in english i was totally scrambling to remember words! i actually had to look at the new missionary to help me out in english in the contact! hahaha it was great cuz he came in and contacted super great in english but it was such a bummer cuz when it came back to me i just had to go back to spanish cuz i legit couldn't do it in english... but the lady was super nice and switched back to spanish when she would talk to me haha. But it turned out to be a super cool contact and were going back this next week for a lesson cita. 

Anyways hope you guys have a great thanksgiving and be sure to count all the blessing we have in this world. We have so many blessing that sometime we can take for granted, so this week I want you guys to really think of all the things that you are truly grateful for. but I love you guys tons! and hope you have the best week!

Elder Nyberg

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