Saturday, November 28, 2015

Summer is here...

Hola familia kuerá!

Okay sorry in advance this is gonna be a short one if I can get this to send- jaja. there are only 2 computers here in the only little ciber by us that we can use and the internet is not working, it's probably because these computers are legit dinosaurs, soooo old but anyways this week has been a fun one! Here the summer is starting.... this week I’ve been having flashbacks to my training a year ago at this time dying of heat and whitewashing- jajaja man that was the adventure. But it has been pretty hot this week for sure, remembering of those times in my first area when we would leave the house and within minutes were soaked in sweat and already looking for someplace to drink some water.

So this week we found two cool new investigators named noelia and edgar. Noelia is a mom of 6 and lives in a super humble house. she just barely found some work so she is super happy that she can provide for her kids now. We've only had 1 lesson with her so far but she is a super nice lady and we'll see how things go with her. Edgar is a guy who called us over on the street. he was chillin with a bunch of guys on the street, with half of them smoking and full of tattoos jaja so when he first called us over I thought in my head ¨well this is gonna be a fun one¨. But we got talking with them and they now they love us-jaja we shared about the restoration with them but edgar was the only one who really wanted to learn. but equal, at least we left a good rep of missionaries with them.  he has like 19 years and is a super rad guy. He goes to the catholic church like every sunday but wants to know more about the church and said that his dad received the missionaries like 5 years ago. At first glance he seems a little sketchy but man he has tons of desire to choose the right and to learn about Christ. im hoping for the best, but we´ll see how its goes as we continue to teach them this week. 

This week we also had zone conference, it was legit as always. My mission pres is the best. Such a rad guy. 

But hope everything is good back in the states! love you guys! 

Elder Nyberg

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