Monday, July 20, 2015

Birthday Week!

Hola familia!

Okay for real I seriously can't believe it's been another full week since I sat down at a computer to write to you guys again. I've had so much stuff going on lately, its been crazy but time is flying by so fast! This week was a good one though! Can't believe I'm offically 19 years old!

The birthday was a really good one! I had lots of my friends in the mish call and sing me happy birthday -haha, you guys si o si need to hear the birthday song in guarani its like the funniest sounding thing I've ever heard. But overall not much else changed, we had a good day of working. Had some pretty cool lessons and visited a lot of people. In the afternoon we went with the other elders across from my area to go eat Lomitos for dinner in that sick resturante that has the monkey and tucans! I gotta hold Tucan Sam again it was great. It was a little different not to have my family with me to celebrate but the best thing about the church and the members here is they love me and treat me like their family. I got mi mama monzón and hermana Berna that are legit my mission moms as they call them -haha I love it. That's one of the things I love most about the church and the latter day saints, Anywhere you go, walk into one of our churches and they treat you like family. I know the members here care about us and worry about us all the time. In the end the thing that matters most es La Familia.

Sorry I don't have more time, I have to catch a collectivo and head out to Asuncion to the office today, but even though it was short, hope you guys know how much i love all of you! 

Have a great week!
Elder Nyberg

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