Monday, July 27, 2015

Fallin in the groove in San Lorenzo

Hola familia!

Hope you guys all had a great week, cuz I sure had a good one. Not a ton of new stuff going on this week, I've just been really busy and fallin in the groove of mission work! 

This Tuesday I had my second successful district meeting as a district leader. It was legit. This time it was alot easier to give the class and fill up the 1 1/2 hours. I'm sure with more time things willl become even easier. We ended up doing a super cool practice I planned out. We had a table with two missionaries on each end with their scriptures, and a squirt gun in the middle.  It was knda like a old western showndown type of deal, the first perosn to find the scripture got to shoot the other one -haha it was rad and everyone loved it. My district is super sick too, were killin it out here. Annnddd... for the rest of the day we ended up doing service! and by that I mean we dug a well that ended up almost being as tall as me! My body got like destroyed -haha I was so dead after but it was way worth it. We did it for a member named Sauddy who lives in a really humble part of the town.

Yesterday was a really great Sunday. Idon't  know why it was so great, I mean the classes were good, the talks were good, it was just an all around awesome Sunday. Today the priesthood class really stuck out to me. It was all based off of a talk givin in the last conf. by Gerold Caussè. It was about things in our lives that are often really close to us, that we can sometimes take them for granted and forget their true worth. He talked about living in Paris for 22 years with his family and they never once went and visited the Effiel tower because they just took it for granted, when there are people that travel across the whole world just to see it. This talk just seemed to fit my life really well. Growing up in the gospel, having a temple of God in walking distance from my house, having the chapel a block away, always having the scriptures around, awesome parents and nothing but good examples all around me. In my life so far I've had it all, I've really been so blessed. I still to this day remember when I came to know that the church was true and the eye-opening feeling I got like ¨Wow, like all this stuff is actually REAL.¨ And to this day I still remember how bad I really felt once I knew it was true just looking back on how many missed opportunities I had lost. Such as taking seminary class serious, actually reading my scriptures, going to an actual temple of God whenever I had a chance, not paying attention to general conference etc. 
Just looking back on life, I guess I've learned a lot more now to appreciate the gifts God has blessed me with.

Anyway I hope you guys are all doing great, Love you all tons!
Saludos a todos!

Elder Nyberg

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