Monday, July 13, 2015

The Pope is in Paraguay..

Hola familia!

This week has past by soo fast! it really seems like it was just yesterday I was sitting down to write you guys. I guess time really does fly by when your having fun;) I dont have lots of time cuz I have a ton more stuff I have to get done today but I'll give you guys a couple of cool things that went on this week in the life of Elder Nyberg -haha.

This Wednesday and Thursday I ended up doing 2 back to back divisions in two different areas really far apart with Elder Harris and Elder Alavarez. The first day I was with my zone leader Elder Alavarez and man we worked so hard it was legit. Committed 3 new people to babtism and in the process of reactivating a menos activo family. More than anything I'm learning so much more here in San lorenzo. The next morning we woke up super early and traveled to the other area to switch and I got to be with Elder Harris. He has like 4 more weeks untill he goes home and finishes his mission, so I took advantage of the day and asked and learned anything and everything I could from him. Again we worked so hard and walked really far -haha. When I finally got home to my house the day after I had two big nasty blood blisters from walking so far and my eyelids kept wanting to fall down on me and sleep haha. But all in all I don't think I can put to words how much I learned in these two little days, it was the best!

On Thursday I got to do another baptism interview for an investagator of Elder harris. Man it's one of the coolest things to be District leader and get to interview these people before baptism. The change that comes from the gospel is unlike anything else. This guy I interviewed was named Ismael Rameriz and one of the most solid guys I've ever seen. Man this guy has completely pulled a 180 degree turn in his life, quit smoking, quit drugs, quit drinking and now he is like a completely new person! He really wants to go on a mission and is so stoked to get out and share the gospel with others. 

Cool story.... so Saturday we didn't have a lunch cita with anyone, so we decided to get up and go to the mcdonalds that's in my area with the other elders in my rama.  We had just gotten our food and were getting to sit down. A couple minutes into eating, the people in the mcdonalds just started randomly getting up and running out of the place at a full sprint! It scared me pretty bad at first cuz my first thought was there is probably someone robbing the store with a gun or something. It was so wierd, I was looking around all expecting to find some guy with a gun or something like that but I couldn't see anything?! We ended up just getting up and walking out anyway cuz we didnt know what was going on -haha. That's right when we see a massive mob of people coming down the street in front of mcdonalds, and who was right in the middle of the road coming down? Yep, the Catholic Pope. hahaha. I mean I almost went up and contacted him to teach him about the restored gospel ya kno? but there was a bit too many people there to get to talk to him;) But for real it was insane! there were people crying, people screaming, all just to see el Papa. I wish I would have had my camera but I didn't have it on me... it was cool tho, now me and the pope are homies cuz he waved to me.

But hope you guys are doing good! Love you tons! 

Elder Nyberg

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