Monday, July 6, 2015

District Leader in San Lorenzo

Hola familia!

Sooo ..... this Tuesday we had changes and...... Im staying! here in San lorenzo with my same comp. Elder Carrillo from Guatamala. But I did get one change even though I'm staying in my same area, looks like I will be staying as the new District Leader! I'll be in charge of about 8 elders in my district and I'm  super stoked to get to serve more and put in more work to the Lord. I'm just a little nervous to be district leader, give classes every tuesday and other responsibilities but I'm really grateful for the opportunity to better myself and serve more. This really looks like it's going to be a fun change here. I'm beginning to start to know my area now just after the 2 weeks I've been here. Our area here is practically a white wash still because no one worked in it until I got here butI'm  hoping to get things up and running real quick. Yeah so life is good! Realllll good;)  But a few cool things that happened these past few days and today. I saw a Monkey(and got pictures). I taught a lady that has legit crocodiles in her front yard!  Paraguay scored a goal in the copa america and the whole entire city went crazy at the same time screaming ¨GOLLLLLLLLLL´ haha it was so loud it made me jump cuz it caught me off guard. My dad(trainer) Elder Hathaway is offically chillin at his house back in the states now. yah... I feel old in the mish. time goes by way too fast.

I hope you guys all had the best 4th of July! I actually forgot it was the 4th until my latin comp. reminded me saying ¨hey isn't  it like an important day or somthing in your country today?¨ haha. But for the 4th it was a super fun day here in paraguay and definitly an adventure. So we went to the hospital to try and find a hermana thats a member that needed a visit. Yeahh emphasis on TRIED.... we got completely lost! haha. Man the hospitals here are nothing like a hospital in the states. I felt like zombies were si o si going to come out of some abandoned room and eat us. Then there was the constant sounds of people screaming-crying and it is just not a fun place to be at. In the end the hermana wasn't there and were going to go back there on Tuesday. Another cool thing that happened this night was I got to do a babtism interview for an investigator of Elder Walters named Hector. It was such a cool expierence to get to see the change the gospel had in his life. Every day I am becoming to love the gospel more and more. the change that comes from the gospel is unlike anything else. I love it.

p.s I don't know if you guys remember the Investagator I found in Concepcion a couple weeks ago named Rocky? I got the good news that he's getting baptized! super grateful to be a part of helping another person come unto Christ.  

Hope you guys are doing great! love and miss you all!

Elder Nyberg

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