Monday, June 29, 2015

Big City Life...

Hola familia!

This week has been a pretty good one,I'm  slowly coming to know my crazy area a little better... a little ha. And changes are tomorrow, so I'm hoping I get to stay another change with my comp so I'm not super lost -haha. But we´ll see what happens! I just had one cool expierence this week I wanted to share and I guess you guys will get to know about my changes next week!

Wednesday-But This day was super legit, a bit trunky though -haha. Today I was on a division with Elder Beus who has like 3 days until he goes back to the states and finishes his mission. My comp had to go into asuncion to get his wisdom teeth out hah. yeah so these next couple of days i got to play nurse while he was all drugged up -haha. But today was really cool just because i got to ask as many questions as I wanted to a missionary that has tons of expierence. I really learned a lot today. We worked really hard and found a new investagator who accepted the babtism invite, so that was rad. Later in the evening we went to eat a quick dinner and get Lomitos when we were just going to sit down a white couple said ¨Elder!¨ and I came over and started talking to them in spanish. The funny part was, I started to contact them as if they were potencial investagators and I didn't even notice their missionary plaques! HA. They were the older couple missionarys in the mission and I didn't even notice! They spoke English after and man it was super cool to have a big conversation in English. The lady was from st. George and ended up knowing my grandpa Pete from Dixie College way back when. We had an awesome conversation all about missionary work and about the states too. They were soo nice though, they got up and left before us and we stayed to finish our food, then after we finished we got up to pay and the cashier told us the couple had paid for all of our food!!!! They were just some genuinely good people, the world really needs more of those these days....

oh and ps.. the restaurant we ate at had a real live Toucan! and I touched it -haha

Elder Nyberg

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