Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet The Mormons ward movie night

Hola familia!
This week has been a really good one but it has been a long one for sure. This week we found 2 sweet familys to teach and I'm sooo stoked about that. In the mission out here they always use the example of if we contact 100 people it could be 1 person out of the hundred that is ready for us to teach, and we can't know where this 1 person is in the hundred unless we contact every single one. It could be that the one person waiting for us was the 100th contact and if we give up after the 99th we won't be able to find them. But that little example of contacts pretty much described my week this week haha. This week I contacted pretty much every person that I could see.... and pretty much every person that I could see menos these 2 familias rejected us -hahaha. 

But I had a couple visits this week that were pretty rad so I wanted to tell you guys about a couple of them.

Thursday- This morning we had a cool lesson with Renalda, she was talking to us all about fasting.  She is a single mother with like 40 years. She started telling us that she always thought fasting was just a thing that members were supposed to do and nothing ever came from it but she was telling us of a day this week when she just spent her last guarani(money) on food for her kids and that left her with nothing to eat. So out of nowhere she decided to try to fast. She kelt down and started it with a prayer that day. And her face at this point into the story changed completely and was like ¨Did you guys know that like this fasting thing actually works?!?!¨ haha She then began to tell us that a random member from the branch came over that night and brought a little dinner so that her and her kids got to eat. It was just cool to see her expierence with fasting and prayer and how God hears and then answers our prayers. And sometimes through people or ways we would never expect.

Sunday- Was really really cool day, first off i had a great fast sunday. Church was sick, got to listen to tons of testimonys in pure Guaraní and thats always rad. So tonight we watched ¨Conoce los Mormones¨(Meet the Mormons) that i just got in a package. But we watched it as a giant noche de hogar with like 15 members and after without saying anything to them it just turned into a giant testimony meeting. I've been sitting here for like 10 minutes trying to think of how to type this part in my email and I really can't think of the words to describe this testimony meeting with my miembros. But it was a moment in time that im sure i will never forget. I loved it. 

I hope you guys are all doing great!
love and miss you TONS!

Elder Nyberg

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