Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quick transfer to San Lorenzo

Hola familia!

So sorry I didn't get to write you guys yesterday... I've been super busy and these past 24 hours have been legit crazy! but gimme a sec and ill explain it all haha. 

Okay.... Sooo last night I was in Concepcion all good just chillin when I got a phone call out of nowhere from my Zone Leader Elder Smith and told me that I had 3 hours to get to my house, pack everything I own and get to the centro to catch a bus to Asuncion because I would be having cambios especiales to an area just out side of Asuncion and they needed me as soon as possible.  I told him it was a nice try man that he was just messin with me haha but after the 5th time of him telling me I started to belive him. And it was true! I guess an elder got hurt really bad here and had to leave so who do they call? yeahh Elder Nyberg;) haha. But man talk about stressful, I was in a lesson with the familia Benetiz when I got the call, after I ran to the familia Marin and luckly the familia Coronel and familia Avalos were there so I got to say goodbye to them but didn't get photos cuz I didn't have my camera. One thing that really stood out to me was when I was saying goodbye to Rodrigo Marin(16 year old), he is probably one of the coolest members here, but anyway we talked for a little bit and wished me luck for the rest of my mission then gave me a hug and told me "see you in the reino(celestial kingdom) bro" I dont know why it stuck out so much to me, like we have always learned that this life is just a short time in which we face challenges and learn and then after we are going to one of the 3 kingdoms of glory and depending of our works here, we will go to dwell with God forever in happiness.  But sometimes this plan just stays on the chalk board when we learn it and we might not give it the importance that it really has for each and everyone of us. When Rodrigo told me this i could tell that he knew what he said was true, that he really had a testimony of the plan God has prepared for us. And that most of all that this plan, the plan of salvation, its REAL! Im grateful for the opprutunity that i have had to come to the knowledge of the truthfulness of this plan for myself and the power it has to bless peoples lives. 

But right now I am in a city called San Lorenzo, its a pretty big city, alot bigger than I'm use too... haha. My new comp is Elder Carrillo from Guatamala! My third latin in a row -haha its legit. but I'm doing great and its going to be fun to learn a new area and be the new guy for a while.

Love you guys tons!

Elder Nyberg

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