Monday, June 15, 2015

Winter Rain in Paraguay

hola familia! 

This week was a fun one for sure, with my little peruvian comp. everyday has been an adventure for sure. This week I got to learn what ¨cold¨ here in paraguay feels like. We had to help the other elders move into the apartment right next door to ours(so now we have neighbors!) haha. And there was a giant party/parade for the anniversary for Concepcion. 

Wednesday- Today was actually a really fun day, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life before today -haha. First off, this is the 3rd day in a row that its been raining...... and the streets are all turning into legit rivers! I got a couple pictures off a little road by our house with my tiny peruvian comp. too, -haha he's such a little alkward dude, I love it -ha.  So basically all of today consisted of walking around to citas, trying not to fall into the big street/rivers, but ending up watching each other fall into all sorts of giant puddles anyway 
-haha. This has been the first time since my training where I'm going to have the same comp for 2 changes, so its super cool that me and Elder Gutierrez get to stick together for more time. You know it was a good day when my stomach is sore form laughing so much -hahah it was great. I'm for sure going miss my time here when I have to leave...

This week the rain has just kept coming and coming and coming! I don't think we have seen the sun in about 6 days! At first the rain here was just like any other rain storm that I've ever seen, but then it turned into the wierdest rain/humidity stuff that I've never seen. When we are walking outside there are like millions of these little tiny droplets of water just chilling in the air. Its the wierdest feeling to walk through it, it's not like its raining, it just feels like there are tiny little drops of water just floating around and when you walk into them you start getting wetter and wetter. So that wierd rain, mixed with the humidity and cold..... makes it really really cold! From knowing how hot it gets here I never thought again I would get to feel the cold again.... but when your basically wet all day with the humidity and the cold it gets super super cold! The cool thing is we drink tons of maté dulce when its really cold outside and it's soooo goooddd! I'm for sure teaching you guys how to make it when I get home! 

So we have neighbors! The other elders for rama 2...Elder Birge and Elder Polo moved in next door. we helped them haul all of their stuff in the most sketchy ¨truck¨ if you can even call it that, that I have ever seen haha. If I could think of one word to describe this whole day of moving beds, oven, refrigerator...... it would be SKETCHY. I dont think I'm going to tell all the storys about this day because I don't think Roachy would be to happy to hear them -hahaha but don't worry mom there were no broken bones and the 4 of us are all good:) haha. But the fun thing about neighbors that we have learned in the past couple days is that they are super easy to scare and they scream like little girls -haha. Poor Elder Birge is soooo jumpy -haha its so great. 

But anyway I am having the best time out here, living every day to its fullest. 
Love all of you guys and miss you tons!

Elder Nyberg
 Elder Gutierrez

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