Tuesday, June 23, 2015

San Lorenzo

hola familia!

This week has been super crazy for sure! my new area is insane -haha but I love itI'm  just going to run by a few things that happened this week cuz I don't have much time!

Wednesday- We got up in the morning and traveled to Asuncion for the cofrence to get to listen to the 70 Elder Gonzalez . So we traveled on collectivos, and I don't think I missed bing squished in like sardines in these collectivos while I was out in Concepcion -haha. But standing up on a bus with sweaty people all over you for 45 min is not the funnest. Anyway we got to asuncion and I got to see half the missionarys from the mission there, the bad part was I couldn't even reconize hardly anyone because I had been gone out in the chaco in concepcion for so long -haha and all my friends in the mish are in the lejos half. But then we had like a 6 hour meeting with President Mcmullin and the 70. I don't think I can put into words how many things I learned today but going into the meeting I felt pretty acomplished as a missionary I mean I can speak fluent spanish now and have a basic understanding of all of the scriptures but when I left the meeting I felt as if I was at ground zero with so much more to learn. Elder Gonzalez the 70 was insane! His knowledge of the scriptures and just life in general was mind-blowing. Sometimes it's really tuff just being 18 years old and have the responsibility of being an actual representative of Jesus Christ while I'm here. When I left that meeting it put a lot more in perspective how much more I have to learn and work on to better myself as a missionary of Christ.

Friday- Today was a pretty crazy day. We got to walk a bit today and I got to see actually how big my area really is. I legit feel like I'm living in New York city it's that crazy here. I'm still acustomed to Concepcion with horses and cows walking in the streets with chickens and pigs at every house... Now here in San Lorenzo, just to give you a picture, in my area we have the #1 universidad national de Asuncion and one of the biggest shopping malls in all of Paraguay. There are collectivos(sketchy buses) always passing by and I never know what numbers of buses take me where. The main roads have like 6 lanes like any other major city would have haha. Taxi´s, motos, tons of people walking on the sidewalks and the traffic!! Last night I was chillin in my room getting ready for bed and there is constantly the sounds of horns going off, car engines, motos, and every once in a while sirens from an ambulance. I'm really starting to love the city... and I don't know why -haha. Right now I'm always super lost and never know where I am but once I start to know the place I really think I am going to love it here. The sketchy part is because I got special changed here, the normal changes are in one week and it could be that my comp leaves here with me being all lost -haha yeah we´ll see what happenes. Missions are not easy that's for sure but they are worth it. Hope things go good!

Anyway I hope you guys had a great week! especially with fathers day and everything! Love you all!

Elder Nyberg

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