Monday, June 1, 2015

5 months in Concepcion and staying...

Hola familia!

Sooo for changes............ Me and my comp are both staying! haha yeah so at the end of this change ill have 6 months in this same area! The cool part is my comp is super rad so I'm happy we get to keep going strong out here. But the other elders in my rama got changed and a super new columbian came in. So that's cool to get to talk to another columbian like my last comp! 

This week was a pretty tranquilo one, not much went down but we did find a couple new people to teach because we have been contacting like everyone we see. Most of the contacts we get rejected, but ya never know sometimes they turn out to be cool people. So highlights of the week.... Me and my comp planned almost an entire babtism that wasn't ours because the other elders didn't know how. yeah stressful, a drunk guy did some karate for us, made some ¨american¨ hamburgers that turned out alright, and learned how to make maté dulce without the yerba(sooo good). It was a pretty chill week, I really can't remember what else went on these weeks are flying by way too fast. But I guess I can just give you guys a run down on just a few people that we are teaching right now. 

Rocky- we actually have a cita with him tonight, he is a 16 year old kid who we just started teaching recently but I can tell he has real potential to progress(which is really hard to find here). When we contacted him he asked us if we had anything to give him, so I hooked him up with a restoration folleto and asked if we could come by later to talk a little more about it and he accepted!  The fact that someone accepted us wasn't even the thing that shocked me, it was that when we came over to have a lesson we got sitting down and I asked him if he had any time to read the folleto that we left him and just like every other paraguayan he said yeah he read all of it. They almost always lie to us. So, I asked him what his favorite part was just thinking that I was going to get the same answer I get millions of times...that they liked the whole thing, But he started going off about Joseph Smith and pretty much reciting the whole story! mine and my comps jaws just dropped, we were just sitting there in unbelief that someone actually read a folleto and the cooler part was that he had questions! So we had a sweet first lesson about the restoration and were going to be going back tonight to keep it going! should be cool to see how he progresses. 

Gregorio- He is a pretty old dude, has a family with 2 little daughters and one little boy. They live in a little brick house and he runs a security buisness out of his house. We have been teaching them for a while and he has been progressing really well, i mean the people here are a little slow but they have been going really good. Just recently his wife started joining in on the lessons, and before she didnt want anything to do with us -haha so that has been cool to see. We actually had a really cool lesson with them both recently and she just happen to pull out a Book of Mormon that some missionarys just gave her in 2003 and she has had it ever since! The coolest part with them is they have really come to love us alot, at first Gregorio was a bit mean being an army guy and now in security with all his guns everywhere and stuff but now he is such a nice guy and a real softie -haha. Now they always make sure if we have eaten and are always offering us food and stuff. There only boy named Pablo calls me Tio(uncle) Elder haha its funny. But with them we are looking to have a wedding for them in a little and then after they are married they can be babtized. 

there are a couple more cool ones like Marí, lauriza, sergio, and antonia but i dont have alot more time to type here in the ciber.

But i hope everyone is doing great back home and i love you guys tons!

Elder Nyberg

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