Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16, 2016

Hola familia,

This week was a pretty crazy one here in Asuncion, with changes on Tuesday we have been preparing everything to get things ready. Lots of stress for sure but we're getting things done and we're almost ready. Right now as i'm typing this in the mission office, President Mcmullin is right behind the wall i'm sitting next to, in his office, receiving the transfers for all of the missionaries. Its super cool to be able to work in Asuncion with him. He has been in his office since Thursday and has only left for a short time once in awhile. President Mcmullin is a stud of a guy, and a huge example to all of us. I don't have any doubts that he is called of God and that our transfers come straight from God. 

But as for some cool highlights of the week, one of them is for sure our investigator Cido. He ended up not showing up for church and also cancelled on our cita that we had set for Tuesday. I was super bummed and constantly thinking about what was going on. I got a hold of him on Friday and he said we could come over for a little bit, but he sounded really weird on the phone almost as if he didn't have time for us to come over or something. Anyway we went and got to his big apartment building and he wasn't looking so good. Turns out he had been feeling really bad that Sunday so he didn't go to church and Monday when he just got out of a meeting at his work he fainted and fell and hurt himself pretty bad. He was in the hospital with them doing tests on him all week to figure out what was going on, ending up with not to many conclusions. He got home from the hospital a little bit before we went over and said he had to go back today for more tests. It's crazy in my mission i have seen many times that some of the coolest people that we find have the weirdest things happen to them to delay their progress. I mean "delay" probably wouldn't be the right word for Cido because he asked for a ton of the lesson pamphlets that we had so he could read them all while he was chillin in the hospital haha. But as for our lesson goes, we went over a little bit of the restoration again and focused a lot on the Book of Mormon. Last time we gave him the homework of reading the introduction of the Book of Mormon and he read it all before we got there. He had also been praying everyday since then to know if it is true, he says he hasn't gotten a solid answer yet but at the pace he is progressing i'm sure it will come soon. Cido is such a stud, he's had a couple road blocks in his way to slow him down but he's still going strong. 

Well next time i write you guys i'll let you know what happened in changes. Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Nyberg

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