Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 2, 2016

Haupé familia Kuera,

This past week has been a fun one, and a couple cool experiences that i wanted to share. I don't have a ton of time because we have to get over to the church in Trinidad to watch Conference but it's going to be cool because i get to be able to watch conference for my Pday. 

Okay, i think the coolest thing that happened this week by far was a lesson that we had with a new investigator named Cido. Cido is a guy that has like 40 years and has a family but is divorced and lives alone. Cido is a doctor and an architect. So it all starts out with a friend of Cido´s. His friend is a member of another ward like 30 min away.  And this friend is just a normal guy that lives the gospel, Cido said that just seeing how happy his friend was all the time made him really curious about him and they got talking and his friend told him it is all because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and following his teachings. So the member gives us his number and we give him a call up and Cido invites us over. We get to this big high rise building and Cido lets us in, next thing i know im going up an elevator to almost the top floor to this massive apartment overlooking all of Asuncion. We got talking and Cido turns out to be one of the most perfect investigators i have ever seen. We don't usually do this but we felt to go forward and teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ about the 5 basic principles of the gospel. The spirit was with us in the lesson, you could feel it so strong. After we were a ways into the lesson Cido had a really cool question and my comp was explaining a lot about faith and exercising his faith. I remember my comp just looking at me and i got this prompting that i needed to invite him to be baptized right there, I just went with it not really knowing how anything was going to end up and Cido not only accepted a Baptismal invite but he also accepted to be baptized in 3 weeks on the 23rd of April. It is one of the coolest things to see how the spirit teaches these people and testifys to them. 

There were a couple more things that went on this week like i got to go give an emergency blessing with President Mcmullin, got to eat over at his house too and one of my favorite members in San Lorenzo passed away on sunday but i'm getting short on time so i'll have to save it for another day. Hope you guys are all doing great and that you enjoy Conference! Love you guys!

Elder Nyberg

we had some fun on April fools after finding a whole role of plastic wrap;P

Family home evening ¨Wasú¨ with a couple menos activos and a that new convert Brazilian family too

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