Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9,2016

Hola Familia, 

This week has been a pretty tranquilo one, not as stressful as it usually is here in Asuncion. The weather is finally dropping a little bit, i mean as much as i love just 105 degree weather and humidity all week long, i really missed the rain and cooler weather haha.

This morning we got up an early and went to go play fútbol, half way through the game it started pouring rain and man it was fun. We split up on teams of Latins verses Americans and i was reppin the US soccer jersey, needless to say when we actually scored against the Latins there were some pretty funny Goal celebrations haha. Fútbol down here is for sure one of the funnest things, everyone is so into it its awesome. 

But as for some cool experiences go, we had been calling Cido all during the week to confirm a cita with him but he wasn't picking up his phone at all. It had my comp all worried haha but i knew there was some good reason for it because this guy is way too golden to just drop us that fast. We finally got a hold of him yesterday and we went over to have a lesson. It turns out he was out traveling to a little town out in the chaco called Loma Plata all week where it's so far out there normal cellphones don't work. What was he doing in a little town out in the chaco?  He just barely finished building the first working hospital out there. Super cool huh? But anyways as for the lesson goes, well before we even started teaching, he told us that he had been praying every day and night so that was rad. But we taught lesson one or the Restoration of the Gospel. We talked a lot about prophets, Dispensations and Apostasy. I think a really cool part of the lesson was as we were teaching the great apostasy, he compared it to the world today and thought we were still living in a time of Apostasy. When we then started to talk about Joseph Smith he compared himself to Joseph, saying he has been searching and searching for the truth but has never been able to find it. And as you can imagine when we taught the Book of Mormon and testified of having a Prophet, Thomas S. Monson and the 12 apostles today he was beyond eager to start reading and praying to know if it was true. Something that stuck with me after i left his house, were the words in the closing prayer that Cido offered. He said in Spanish "please help me to know if this is the path i should take and if this is true."  I don't know why but those words really stuck to me, Cido always tells us that he needs to work on his faith and that he really doesn't have much but to me Cido is really an example. He is ready to obey God's will and take that step of faith knowing that God will point us in the right path. I really know that is true, sometimes life gets hard and we have to take a step of faith or maybe even a leap only trusting in God that everything will work out.  But no matter how hard that step is to take or leap even, trust in God, because he always comes through for us. I know it. 

Love you guys tons!

Elder Nyberg

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